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Does Lysol Kill Dust Mites?

Dust mites are a common problem in many homes, including mine. You couldn’t sense their presence visually. But the endless sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and teary-eyed are sure indications that you have millions of them in your home. In a desperate attempt to kill dust mites, you may grab a disinfectant spray like Lysol, and […]

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How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites In The Bedroom

The bedroom is where you spent an average of 8 hours sleeping… often with millions of unseen dust mites. These tiny little pests often cause no problems to you, unless you’re allergic to their excretion. That’s when you’ll want to consider getting rid of dust mites in your bedroom. Why Your Bedroom Is A Favorite […]

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How To Remove Dust From The Air

Although you might not notice it most of the time, you can see household dust when you pass by a beam of sunlight or after fluffing an old upholstered furniture. Depending on the environment, dust includes a variety of particles. What Does Dust Comprise Of Dust does not entirely include dead skin. Although it is […]

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How To Eliminate Dust In Your Home

The presence of large amounts of dust can deteriorate the air quality. If a family member has a dust allergy, you should find ways to get rid of the dust in the house. Generally, even if you are not allergic to dust, the components present in dust can affect the lungs and overall health. The […]

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How To Kill Dust Mites In Your Mattress

When I’ve realized that the cause of the endless allergies for my son is very likely due the dust mites in my house, I started a personal war with these microscopic bugs. And I start by killing the dust mites where they are great in number, the mattress. Dust Mites In A Nutshell So what […]

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