If you’re allergic to dust mites, you’re probably oblivious to the facts that thousands or more of them may be hiding in your couch. As these tiny critters aren’t visible to bare eyes, taking appropriate steps to get rid of dust mites from the couch is the best option.

Of course, not all types of couches are prone to dust mites growth. If you’re having a leather or synthetic fiber couch at home, you can be quite sure that it’s free from dust mites. However, if your couch is made of natural fiber like cotton or wool, be prepared to deal with dust mites that have penetrated the couch.

Your suspicion can be confirmed if you find yourself sneezing, or the symptoms worsening when you’re lazing on the couch and watching Netflix for hours.

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Dust Mites In Your Couch

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites In The Couch

You can’t fully eradicate dust mites from a couch, but you can control their growth. Short of replacing your couch with a synthetic or leather couch or sofa, you’ll want to consider applying these methods.

1. Wash The Covers

Fabric covers of your couch are the culprit of uncontrolled dust mites growth. Imagine the number of skin cells that you shed while you’re lazing on it. Skin cells trapped in the fabric become food for dust mites and fuel their growth.

Ensure that you’re washing the couch covers regularly. If it gets dusty easily, you may want to wash it once a week. It helps when you wash the covers with hot water as dust mites are easily killed above 130 F/ 55°C.

2. Use A UV Vacuum Cleaner

Rather than a conventional vacuum cleaner, I”ll suggest using a handheld UV vacuum cleaner. Such vacuum cleaners not only has a UV light bulb but also a HEPA filter that traps dust mites from entering the air again. Also, UV has been proven to kill dust mites and prevent their eggs from hatching.

For a UV vacuum cleaner to work, you’ll want to clean vacuum the couch in slow passes. It takes time for the UV to kill off the dust mites or to destroy the eggs. Also, these vacuum cleaners usually have high suction power and equipped with vibrating pads to dislodge dust mites nestled deep in the couch.

3. Spray Essential Oils

Essential oils like clove or eucalyptus oil have been proven to be a potent agent that kills dust mites. They are a natural option if you’re not into chemical-based options. To use essential oil, you’ll need to add a few drops into water and spray on the couch.

Alternatively, you can opt for natural dust mites spray that are readily available. That’s what I’ve been using in killing dust mites that are turning my couch into their breeding spot.

4. Leave The Cushion In The Sun

If your couch has removable cushions, and they are not too bulky to deal with, you can air them out in the sun. The dry air caused by the sun may kill some of the dust mites that are hiding in the cushion. Dust mites couldn’t thrive in low humidity environments.

5. Declutter Your Couch

Do you crowd your couch with plush toys and dozens of pillows? While they may increase your comfort and a pleasant sight to behold, having additional items on the couch means more dust-traps.

Of course, you can clean the plush toys and the pillows to ensure they are free of dust mites. But if that’s too much of a hassle, you can take a minimalist approach and declutter your couch.

6. Reduce Humidity In Your Home

If you’re feeling stuffy when lazing in your couch, your home’s humidity may just be on the high side. A hygrometer will give you a precise indication of the humidity level. If it’s anything beyond 70%, you’re in for a tedious battle with dust mites.

The key to controlling dust mites is to make the environment unconducive for their growth. Open windows to air your living room, or if you must, invest in a dehumidifier. Lowering the humidity in your home not only reduces dust mites but also other germs and bacterias.

7. Use Hypoallergenic Blankets

Blankets may increase the comfort level of a couch, but normal blankets may aggravate dust mites infestation in your couch. If you insist on laying down the blanket on your couch, opt for a hypoallergenic blanket. The closely-sewn fabric on a hypoallergenic blanket prevents dust mites from creeping into the couch.

What If You’ve Tried Everything And It Doesn’t Work?

Some people may suffer very badly from dust mites allergy. My son has been taking the worse hit by these invisible critters for more than a year. Or you could only suffer a few sneezes when you’re in the presence of millions of dust mites.

Depending on your sensitivity to dust mites, the above methods may be insufficient. In all honesty, dust mites couldn’t be eradicated completely and you’ll need to clean the couch regularly. I made it a point to vacuum and disinfect the sofa with dust mites spray once or twice a week.

It may come to a point when you’re exhausted by all the effort. In that case, getting a hypoallergenic sofa and disposing of the dust-mites infested one will be a good idea. And yes, that means opting for allergy-friendly leather couches

Bottom Line

You shouldn’t overlook your couch when you’re trying to get rid of dust mites in your house. While the mattress is the prime suspect as a dust mites breeding spot, the couch isn’t a distance competition.

Also, be diligent and ensure not only the couch is clean but the floor underneath the sofa isn’t covered with a thick layer of dust. Sometimes, the hidden breeding spot can escape your attention and continue to torment you with allergies.

Hopefully, you’ll manage to substantially reduce dust mites in your couch and claim your health back from these unseen pests.