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#1 Pick: Bedlam Plus for its cost, safety and effectiveness.

If you’re hunting down bed bugs, getting a bottle of bed bug spray does help.

Bed bugs were not as widespread as today until the last decade. They made way into many countries due to travelers from the infested countries. Initially, they were limited to hotel rooms and public places. They eventually made it into homes across most of the countries.

As they are very sneaky and come out only when it is dark, these bed bugs are hard to identify for killing. On top of that, they hide in places where many forms of insecticides such as powder or traps cannot invade. However, bed bug sprays are effective at reaching every nook and corner they hide.

The best bed bug sprays require good research as there are several sprays on the market claiming as effective. However, they are not. Hence you need well-researched assistance to help you buy the right killer spray. 

Bed Bug Spray – What To Look For?

Bed bug sprays should be effective in eliminating them as well as comfortable for application. They should be safe to use around pets and family. You must not be responsible for inducing harmful chemicals into the environment.

There are several such factors you need to check before purchasing a bed bug spray. Check the below details to understand more about what you should know.


There is already a lot of chemical pollution in the environment, which is adversely affecting the soil and air. The action of chemicals directly impacts the environment that reflects various diseases affecting mankind eventually and slowly.

To avoid these long term side effects, people nowadays prefer eco-friendly products. Check if your bug spray is eco-friendly or not if you are one of them.


Choose the size of spray depending on the area you plan to treat, and the time you plan to use it. If you need a lot of it, going for a bigger size can save you a few dollars. And if you need it just for treating a char or for traveling purpose, then the smallest size might suffice. Deciding the purpose is vital for choosing the right size.


Many people do not tolerate the pungent smell of the insecticides. You need to air the room and furniture for a few days if the smell is powerful. Few go to the extent of evacuating the palace for a few days. Therefore, it is crucial to know how the product smells, and if that smell is tolerable.


The manufacturer who is confident in their product does not hesitate to offer guaranteed protection. It is a sign that their product works definitely. Rest assured, you need not worry even if it does not as your money is safe.

Best Bed Bug Sprays Reviews

1 – Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer

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Key Features

  • Water-based product
  • Two weeks residual
  • Aerosol insecticide

The water-based insecticide does not stain your fabrics nor cause any irritation to the skin. It effectively kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and their eggs, which are usually very tough to handle.

Egg hatching is reduced successfully for most types of bed bugs, including resistant strains that eventually result in control of the bugs. This quick-acting aerosol kills the lice and ticks on your pet. You can use it even to control dust mites, fleas, and carpet beetles.

It is safe to use on mattresses and all parts of the bed, such as headboards, box springs. The spray remains for two weeks on surfaces such as ceramic, wood, and carpet.


  • Effectively kills bugs and eggs
  • Does not stain fabrics
  • Does not cause irritation


  • No straw applicator
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2 – Harris Bed Bug Killer

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Key Features

  • 16 weeks residual
  • EPA registered
  • Non-Staining

This bed bug liquid spray is odorless and kills the bugs immediately upon contact when sprayed directly. It can kill both the bugs and eggs of the pyrethroid-resistant type, which are not affected by traditional pesticides.

It does not stain your clothes or furniture and has a residential power of 16 weeks, offering you long protection. Moreover, it is approved by EPA for home use and safe even if you have pets.

The application of this liquid spray is easy using the apparatus provided. The spot treatment in places such as cracks and crevices, empty dressers, furniture, closets, carpet edges, wallpaper edges, and so on keeps the bugs away. It is an economical solution for your bug problems.


  • Kills bugs quickly
  • Does not have an odor
  • Economical solution for bugs


  • Should turn it off each time
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3 – EcoRaider

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Key Features

  • 16 oz spray bottle
  • USDA certified
  • Natural extract formula

EcoRaider bug sprays 100% efficacy is supported through research published in the Journal of economic entomology. The study conducted by the university confirms that this natural extract insecticides effectiveness.

Another field study was done by entomologists who tested its efficiency to eliminate the bed bugs in places where people live. Their investigation confirmed it as effective and safe to use in sensitive places. Just make sure it dries up before you use the place.

It can kill resistant bugs, eggs, adults, and nymphs when they come in contact with the spray. As the spray stays on for two weeks after it is sprayed, it offers more extended protection. You can use it directly on mattresses as it is dermatologically safe.


  • Non-toxic bug spray
  • 100% efficiency in killing
  • Child and pet safe


  • Odor is heavy
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4 – Proof Bed Bug Killer

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Key Features

  • Advanced formula
  • Organic Neem oil
  • 2-3 weeks residual power

This bed bug spray offers a 100% bug-proof satisfaction promise. The manufacturer is offering complete value for your money and guarantees the product through a full refund. It kills the bugs even in their nests, including the adults and the eggs, used according to the instructions.

The natural plant-based formula used the most advanced neem oil, which is a powerful insecticide. It is safe for your skin, and hence you can apply it on even on the mattress without any fear. Also, this non-toxic bug spray is an EPA registered product and is ecologically safe.

You can safely apply it even on curtains, carpet, furniture, couch, dresser, or other places used by kids and where pets play. Carry it with you when you travel to spray it on the bed and the luggage to avoid bed bugs.


  • Full refund if not satisfied
  • Safe plant-based ingredients
  • Lab-tested results of 100% kill rate


  • Not as effective on eggs
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5 – Green Bean Buddy

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Key Features

  • Residual bug killer
  • Non-pesticide formula
  • Action in 5 – 10 minutes

The green bean buddy has a unique formulation that does not use any pesticide ingredients. It treats a wide range of bugs, namely bed bugs, fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, lice, mites, beetles, and many others.

The American Academy of Entomological proved it through their research that this pest controller is a 100% effective all-in-one bug killer. This formula kills the pests in all stages of their life-cycle. Also, its non-toxic nature helps you move around safely in the sprayed areas soon after it dries.

As this spray has no odor, you can use it even if you are sensitive to smells. The eco-friendly formula does not harm the environment. The non-staining spray gives you complete freedom to use it at any place without any fear.


  • Non-Toxic bug spray
  • No odor pest controller
  • Safe and eco-friendly formula


  • No easy return option
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6 – MDX Concepts Bed Bug Killer

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Key Features

  • Natural formulation
  • Peppermint oil
  • Stain-free

The instant exterminator eliminates all types of bed bug infestation instantaneously, including the resistant type. Its formula contains natural ingredients such as essential oils, which are not harmful. Peppermint oil effectively kills the bed bugs and has a bearable, pleasant odor, unlike other pesticides.

It does not harm the d├ęcor polish or finishing; hence you can spray it on the bed or other furniture. The dry residual protection keeps the bugs away for a long time as they are vulnerable to the spray even after it dries.

The bug spray is pet friendly and does not harm your dog or any other pets you have around, even if they lick the sprayed area. Residual action of the spray offers complete protection even after several days of its application, making sure the bugs do not survive.


  • Non-staining pest controller
  • Pleasant smelling bug controller
  • No harmful ingredients


  • Need to use a lot of product for effectiveness
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7 – Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

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Key Features

  • Natural ingredients
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-staining

The extremely fast-acting bug spray kills the bed bugs of all stages such as adult, nymph, and eggs instantly upon contact. This spray consists of natural and organic ingredients that are non-toxic and do not affect you when used.

As this product does not stain any fabric, it is safe to use on a mattress, sheets, bedding, and similar places. It does not emit any harmful fumes similar to chemical-filled pesticides on the market. The application of spray is easier than other methods of powders or traps.

The money-back facility provided by the manufacture offers complete coverage for the money you invest in this spray. You can return the spray without any questions asked within 60 days of purchase. Hence you are still protected even if you find the spray ineffective.


  • Acts quickly on bugs
  • Eco-friendly for the environment
  • Effective than other products


  • Smell requires airing
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1. Why are natural ingredients preferred for bed bug killing?

Bed bugs hate the smell of organic ingredients. Also, the medicinal properties of the essential oils used in preparing the pest controlling sprays kill the bugs without causing harm to humans or pets.

The most used ingredients, such as ad neem oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and lavender, are repelled by the bed bugs. These ingredients also have the advantage of a pleasant smell and do not give out harmful chemical-filled fumes. The composition of these sprays does not cause soil pollution or air pollution.

2. How to permanently get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are stubborn, and even a few species have developed resistance to the poisonous chemicals used in traditional pesticides. Getting rid of them is a herculean task but not impossible. You need to be consistent and use the right products to eradicate them.

Spraying the most probable places where bed bugs reside every week for a few weeks will take care of most bugs. However, some of them might be residing in your clothes and bedsheets. You need to launder them on high heat settings.

After you destroy their population, keep spraying the formula once every month for preventing and killing any remaining bugs here and there.

3. How can you tell bed bugs are gone?

Bed bugs have a life cycle of 50-60 days. So, after you are done treating the area with the sprays, you need to wait for a cycle to complete. The eggs that remained after treatment hatch, and the nymphs come looking for a meal if any of them remain.

Hence it is ideal to wait for two months before you can get rid of the bed bugs. Also, lower bite marks or no bite marks are a sure sign of their reduced number or elimination.

4. When is it safe to use the bed bug sprayed upholstery or furniture?

It is safe to use the sprayed area once dries unless expressly stated otherwise by the manufacturer. Usually, the spray dries off completely in 15 to 20 minutes.

However, if you have sprayed to drench the furniture, you need to wait for it to dry completely. Once it is dry, it does not stick to your skin but is still effective in controlling the bugs.


The bed bugs have several species, and most of them are developing resistance to the existing pesticides, which have been used traditionally for many years. Hence manufacturers are devising new formulation that can break the resistance built-up of these bugs. A water-based product such as Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer does not cause any stains after spraying.

Most of the companies are depending on natural ingredients as they are effective and harmless. You need not worry about the after-effects as they are completely safe and even have a good smell. For instance,Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is very effective at killing the bed bugs and has excellent qualities.

Get rid of the bed bug infestation using the above sprays. If you want any assistance in selecting the bed bug spray, please comment below for receiving a suggestion from us.