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Once you feel that the bed bugs are present in your home, you cannot sleep peacefully. It would be more annoying if you have only bite marks but do not know what bit you.

The only way to know is to lay a trap or put up some interceptors that can detect the presence of bed bugs. As they capture bugs, you can get them checked to know what type they are and how to treat your home for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Traps vs. Interceptors

Bed bug traps contain glue, bait, or attractants that trap the bed bug by luring them. Interceptors do not have extra additives and work based on a simple design that does not allow the bed bugs to come out once they enter it.

Traps usually are self-sufficient either with glue or attractive element placed in the traps. Traps are capable of working standalone. Interceptors, on the other hand, depend on the human presence as the bed bugs are attracted to the CO2 released by them. Consequently, they move towards their bait and fall into the groove.

How To Choose Bed Bug Traps

Bed bug traps monitor the activity of the bugs and help you identify their presence. Though they cannot eliminate the bed bugs, they can complete the crucial step of identifying the bed bugs. Check the below aspects before you purchase a bed bug trap.


The pesticide-free solution is environment friendly. Also, no usage of chemicals keeps your kids, pets, and your family safe from adverse effects. Choose bed bug traps that are eco-friendly.

Easy To Use

Traps that require frequent maintenance are tedious to manage. Choose traps that do not need a lot of assembly or attention in the long run. They must be easy to use.


Traps made of durable material offer long time protection. These traps do not expire or go out of order except when they are broken. Therefore, choosing strong made traps will help them to last long.


You can recover the loss when you have a warranty in place. You can be sure that if the product does not work as intended or has any flaws, you are still covered. Some manufacturers offer moneyback, and many of them offer a replacement. Check for it to keep your investment safe.

Best Bed Bug Traps and Interceptors

1. Ecopests Bed Bug Interceptors

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Key Features

  • Textured exterior
  • Slippery reservoir
  • 4-inch diameter

The Bed Bug Blocker helps you to detect and keep the bed bugs away from you 24/7. This product comes in a pack of 8 pieces that allows you to add protection to at least two pieces of furniture.

The rough textured exterior provides enough grip for the bug to climb up. However, the smooth textured groove keeps the bug from climbing. Since the reservoir is separate from the furniture leg, it cannot go up the furniture or get out of it and thus gets trapped.

As no chemicals are used in this process, you need not worry about any harmful effects. No expiry date, or you need not repurchase the product as it is durable and reusable.


  • Monitors your furniture for bugs
  • Fits all types of legs
  • Durable enough for bulky items


  • They are expensive
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2. ShieldFlex Bed Bug Traps

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Key Features

  • Reinforced base
  • Slippery outer trench
  • Extra-strength polymer material

Using the ShieldFlex, monitor the bed bugs before they blow up into an infestation. When you detect them early, you can prevent the spread and end it quickly. This passive protection for bed bugs works on a simple technique by creating a trap into which a bug can climb in but cannot get out of it.

Place them under the legs of the furniture wherever you suspect the activity of bed bugs. It acts as an interceptor by stopping the bugs from reaching you. You need not use any chemicals for keeping the bed bugs away from your beds.

The TruGuard has a strong and durable base plate made of reinforced polypropylene. Hence, they do not crack under pressure from heavy furniture. As the manufacturers provide you with a 100% moneyback guarantee, you can safely go for it.


  • Simple to use
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Strong and durable


  • Takes time to work
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3. Harris Bed Bug Traps

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Key Features

  • Glue surface
  • Protective peel off
  • Pesticide-free

The chemical-free bed bug traps have a gluey surface from which they cannot escape. These traps come with a protective peel-off paper that activates the trap once you remove them. Though this product comes with a flat surface, you need to fold appropriately for making a trap from it.

It is simple as you just need to fold the tabs and insert them into one another and also fold the side inwards. You can detect them easily when you keep these at the suspected locations where the bugs usually hide.

These traps monitor bugs when you sleep and allow you to identify their presence. Furthermore, you can check what type of bugs are present around you as they trap all types. They are useful and pesticide-free.


  • Easy to use
  • Traps bugs using glue
  • Safe for kids and pets


  • You need to assemble them
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4. SenSci ActiVolcano Bed Bug Lure

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Key Features

  • Active Lure
  • Coarse sides
  • Volcano shaped

The lure captures the bed bugs effectively and doubles the chance by two-fold than regular traps. These maintenance-free traps are easy to use. They blend well into the surroundings without looking awkward.

As no pesticides are used in this product, you need not worry about the harmful chemicals. The bed bugs get attracted to the Volcano due to its textured sides and fall inside without going out.

Since the bottom is transparent, you can quickly check for bed bugs. The capture rate depends on the level of infestation present in your home. You can see results in 4 weeks of continuous use for any level of infestation.


  • Double capture rate
  • No pesticides used
  • Bed bugs are trapped securely


  • Instructions to use are not clear
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5 – Pest Armor Technologies Bed Bug Interceptors

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Key Features

  • Heavy-duty pieces
  • Cleaning brush
  • Pesticide-free

These traps are made using advanced injection molding technology for superior performance. The cups are made from heavy-duty material for withstanding weighty furniture. It comes with a small brush for cleaning the bugs hygienically without touching them.

You just need to place them below the furniture’s legs to trap the bed bugs before they reach you. This chemical-free method is safe for your family and is environment friendly.

This product is apt for you if you are sensitive to smells and cannot bear any odor. The deep trap design does not allow the bed bug to escape. You can easily confirm if your home is infested using these interceptors.


  • Setup is quick and easy
  • Fits most furniture
  • Clean without touching


  • The outer rim underneath finishing is not smooth
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6 – TruGuard Bed Bug Trap

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Key Features

  • 7” x 5” XL size
  • Smooth interior groove
  • Polypropylene base

You can detect the bed bugs effortlessly by placing these bed bug traps under the furniture legs. It is an effective bed bug trapper and does not use any pesticides. The deep groove design makes it challenging for the bug to climb out of the slippery surroundings.

As these cups are made for heavy-duty, they do not crack under pressure. All you need to do is to place them under the bedposts to capture the bed bugs. This process not only identified the bed bugs but also lets you sleep peacefully without any bed bugs crawling all over.

When used as a part of bed bug treatment, it helps you recognize them as soon as there is an infestation. The large size of these cups is suitable for any beds with wide posts.


  • Extra-large size fits any furniture
  • Strong reinforced base
  • Identifies infestation easily


  • It’s a little pricey
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7 – ClimbUP Insect Interceptor

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Key Features

  • Polypro plastic
  • Anti-bed bug tips booklet
  • Dual-well design

You can identify the bed bugs and from which direction they are coming as they have a dual-well design. Using this clue, you can search the nearby locations to identify their hiding place. After treatment, you can test the furniture by placing them.

The bed bugs that come from outside fall in the outer wall, and the bed bugs that come from the bed end up in the inner groove. Thus, it will be easier to determine where they are coming from to take measures accordingly.

The thick plastic cups are crack resistant. As they are pesticide-free, you do not have to deal with harmful chemicals. For better results, dust in some talc on the inner well makes the groove more slippery and increases its effectiveness.


  • Durable cups that don’t crack
  • Identifies bugs direction
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals


  • Obstructive for toes at night
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Do Bed Bug Interceptors Work?

You find many reviews speaking of interceptors not working. It is because they have not understood the real working of interceptors. These apparatus are devised for identifying the presence of bed bugs but not to eliminate them.

They do their job rather well, but many people expect them to capture many bugs and blame that they are not working. Now that you have a proper idea of what these bed bug interceptors can do let me proceed to their working.

Bed bug interceptors are simple devices built to trap bed bugs. They have a coarse exterior that supports their climbing towards you. However, they fall into a pit with smooth sides, which do not allow them to have a grip to climb out. Eventually, the bed bug gets trapped in that contraption.

When you place them under the legs of your bed and trap some bed bugs, you can understand that these interceptors are working. Unfortunately, if you do not have a sign of a bed bug, there is no way to confirm if it is working or not, as you may or may not have bed bugs in the first place.


1. How do bed bug traps work?

There are several types of bed bug traps, but the three most important types are the glue type, groove with soft interior type, and the lure bait type. When coming to glue type, they are the peel-off traps with a sticky place where they get trapped when they walk in.

As these traps are placed in the most prominent places where bugs move about, the possibility of one walking into it is high. If at all a place is infested, they can find the bug within a few weeks, depending on the intensity of infestation.

The deep groove type does not allow the bed bug to crawl out due to its slippery surface and keeps the bug trapped inside. Finally, the lure bait attracts the bed bugs and let them fall into the trap from where they cannot escape.

2. How to trap bed bugs with tape?

A quick and inexpensive way of trapping bed bugs is by using double-sided tape. You need painters tape as well as double-sided tape to implement it. Apply the painter’s tape first and then the double-sided tape on it.

This way, your floor, carpet, or furniture do not get ruined with the gluey tape, and it will be easier to remove without residue. When you place the tape strategically in the right places, you can succeed in trapping bed bugs.

Check back the next day for bed bugs. Though inexpensive, it has one drawback: you cannot leave the tape on for days as it collects a lot of dust. Moreover, the tape becomes ineffective once it attracts fine particles of dust.

3. Where to buy bed bug traps?

You can buy bed bug traps online or at a retail store such as Walmart and Lowes. However, I prefer to buy online due to the choice range and the convenience of home-delivered goods.

Buying them from a prominent online store such as Amazon helps you receive the best product, or you have your buyer’s protection in place. Also, most manufacturers offer money-back or replacement when you buy online. So, it is the most feasible option, especially in these pandemic days.


There are several reasons why people buy these bed bug traps. Some buy them for detecting the presence for the first time and few for confirming if their bed bug treatment worked. Others buy them for keeping them safe as a precautionary measure.

However, all of them have some notion of, “it is better to be safe than sorry.” Would you not like a little peace of mind that allows you to have a sound sleep? I know the answer is a big yes, and you know what to do.