Bed bugs are infuriating and you may be tempted to go on a hunt with lavender oil without questioning if the popular suggestion works.

Before you start diluting lavender oil and spraying on bed bugs, read this article to find out if it really works. And if it does, what’s the best way to go hunting bed bugs? 

How Does Lavender Affect Bed Bugs

Lavender, or Lavandula is a type of flowering plant that’s commonly extracted for essential oil. Besides its therapeutic property, lavender is also a known natural pesticide. Its scent may be aromatic for humans, but the naturally-present chemical proves to be toxic for pests.

As long as its natural compound is preserved through the extraction process, there are reasons to believe that lavender can repel bed bugs. The strong flowery scent will be an invisible barrier against those blood-sucking pests.

Direct exposure may kill bed bugs, as lavender is imbued with pesticidal properties. It’s also a known deterrent for bed bug nymphs and eggs. However, there are many questions on practical applications of lavender in real-life scenarios. 

Can Lavender Repel Bed Bugs?

Yes. The scent of lavender is unpleasant for bed bugs and it’s likely to keep them away. Therefore, getting a lavender spray will be handy in fencing off bed bugs at home or when traveling. 

Does It Kill Bed Bugs?

Not all essential oils are equal when it comes to killing bed bugs. It all depends on the chemical compound in the essential oil.

According to one study, carvacrol, thymol, citronellic acid, and eugenol are known to be the most effective against bed bugs. The amount and time needed to kill bed bugs with these compounds vary. 

Lavender oil is not known to contain the mentioned compounds, at least not in significant quantities. Therefore, there are doubts about whether lavender is an effective solution for killing bed bugs. 

It is safe to assume that clove, thyme, lemongrass, and oregano are more effective, as they contain higher amounts of the above-mentioned compounds. Still, don’t expect bed bugs to die instantly, as essential oils work slower than chemical pesticides. 

Even if lavender proves to be effective, it’s hard to kill bed bugs with essential oils. You’ll need to apply the oil directly onto bed bugs, which can be rather difficult. Bed bugs are unlikely to remain static as you spray the oil around your home.

Spotting bed bugs is also difficult, as they are usually hiding in dark and narrow cracks. Thus, you don’t want to get your hope up when it comes to killing bed bugs with lavender.

How To Use Lavender Oil To Kill Bed Bugs

First of all, you’ll need to dilute the lavender oil. It’s quite simple.

  1. Get an essential oil spray. 
  2. Fill it up with 16 oz of water.
  3. Put in 40-50 drops of lavender oil.

Then, you’ll need to go hunting for bed bugs hiding spots. Usually, these creatures are hidden in cracks and crevices in furniture. So, check out the bedframe, closets, racks, and other wooden-made furniture in your home. 

Spray the lavender oil dilution onto the cracks and with luck, you’ll get some of the adult bugs. It is more effective though if it lands onto bed bug eggs or nymphs. 

You can also spray the lavender oil on the bedding to keep bed bugs from feasting on you when you’re asleep. Besides, lavender is known to be good for its bedtime-calming effect.

Better Ways To Kill Bed Bug

It’s not easy to deal with bed bugs, lavender oil, or not. Sticking to a single strategy rarely works. Instead, you may fare better with these methods, which are proven to be more effective. 

Use A Steamer

If you can heat up the temperature to a certain threshold, you can kill bed bugs instantly. Therefore, getting a steam cleaner and send hot vapor into those cracks can be quite effective. As long as the temperature goes beyond 131°F, both adult bed bugs and eggs will perish.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a common pest-control compound, and an effective one. The white powdery agent is consists of the fossilized organism, which gradually breaks into bed bugs’ shells and wicks of moisture. 

Bed bugs spray

Bed bug sprays like EcoRaider are made of a blend of compounds that are effective in killing bed bugs. It’s a good alternative to mixing a potentially weaker solution with lavender oil. 

Final Thoughts

Just like many bed bug killing remedies, lavender oil is hard to be truly effective in actual application. It’s just impossible to have those insects directly sprayed with the oil. Still, you can use lavender oil as a natural repellent to reduce those miserly bites at night.