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It’s rare to see allergy drops that are specific to dust mite allergies. When I stumbled on Allergena Dust and Mite, I got curious and decided to dig further for more information. I’ve compiled everything I found in this review.

What Is Allergena Dust And Mite

Allergena Allergy Relief from Dust Mites and House Dust by Progena is a Homeopathic Sublingual liquid medicine. It is an exceptional remedy to get relief from allergic reactions from mites and dust.

Allergena boosts your immunity against infections and decreases your body’s harmful reaction in response to exposure with allergens. Micro doses of Allergena helps in improving the tolerance a person for the allergens, thus diminishing the allergic symptoms.

Progena Professional Formulations is developing and marketing premium-quality nutritional and homeopathic remedies since 1984. Allergena is committed to providing homeopathic allergy relief to people living in different climatic regions, dealing with common allergies.

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is derived from Greek words hómoios meaning “like” and páthos meaning “suffering”. It is a unique medical practice based on the belief that “like cures like”. This concept means that substances causing the symptoms of the disease in a healthy person can be used to cure the diseased person.

Minute amounts of natural substances are introduced in the body that gently proceed with the healing process.  Homeopathy was introduced back in the 17th century and is still widely used because of its effective results.

In the case of Allergena  Dust + Mite, it means introducing safe amount of allergen to reduce the severity of the allergic response.

Does It Work?

The homeopathic drops have tremendously helped people in effectively relieving from the allergy symptoms. Allergena users have shared their excellent experiences and have particularly mentioned that,

  • Allergena drops tremendously to help in preventing the body’s reaction with the allergens despite being exposed to them.
  • Unlike allergy pills, Allergena drops diminish allergic symptoms quickly. Intake of just 4-5 drops, a few times a day will do the job within 5 days.
  • And no side effects reported.

Moreover, the product has received positive reviews from online retailers, covering all zones.

Is it safe?

Allergena Dust and Mite drops are safe to use, as there are no known or reported side effects of this product. Despite the recommended dosage prescribed on the packaging, take the drops as per your body’s tolerance level. And slowly increase the dosage.

Those allergy sufferers who experience extreme allergic symptoms may experience a sharp allergic reaction (ex. headache) in response to these drops. There is nothing to be alarmed about in this case, just decrease the dosage as per your body’s tolerable level.

Consult your doctor before taking it.

How To Use Allergena Dust And Mite?

  • For an effective boost in immunity, frequent use of Allergena is highly recommended.
  • Severe allergy sufferers should start taking these drops about 4-8 weeks before the allergy season.
  • The recommended dosage is 15 drops, 3 times a day. However, you can decrease the dosage as per your tolerance level but take it regularly.
  • Take drops almost 15 minutes before having a meal.
  • Leave the drops below the tongue for several minutes.

Where To Buy

Check Price

Allergena dust and mite drops can be easily purchased online at Amazon. Here, you can read a detailed description of the product. And most importantly, you can read honest reviews of the customers as well.

Should You Use Allergena Dust and Mites?

Allergena Dust + Mite drop is an exceptional option to get relief from the tiresome suffering of allergic reactions. It is particularly great for people for whom nothing else seems to work. Plus, instead of taking a long series of shots, these drops give you an easy yet effective alternative to get relief.

But, you shouldn’t drop your guards down in dust mite prevention. The best way to stop those allergies is to prevent the mites from breeding and killing existing ones in your home.