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Medications are probably not the best long term solutions, but they are handy when you’re suffering from dust mite allergies.

Here, we have handpicked the best medicines for dust mite allergies. This wholesome list includes anti-allergic drugs in the form of tablets, drops, and sprays. So, depending upon your personal preference, you can pick any of these high-quality medicines.

Important: If you’re suffering from any medical conditions, you’re advised to consult your doctor before using these medications. This article is not written by a medical professional, health expert or a doctor. Thus, it is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Best Dust Mite Allergies Medications

1. Progena Allergena Dust & Mite Drops

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  • Non-drowsy
  • Provides homeopathic sublingual immunotherapy
  • No side effects noted

Progena dust and mite drops work efficiently well in relieving nauseating allergic symptoms. These powerful drops offer you sublingual immunotherapy. In this method, the common allergy symptoms including sneezing, sinus pressure, congestion, and itchy/ watery nose/ eyes, are treated by placing the Progena drops under your tongue.

Continuous use of these drops strengthens your immune system and improves your power against allergens. These drops also contain amazingly powerful herbal drainage remedies. As the name indicates, these components enhance the process of removal of allergen residues from your body.

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  • Alleviates allergy symptoms including sinus pressure, sneezing, and congestion.
  • Non- GMOs and No gluten product
  • Contains herbal drainage remedies to improve drainage of antigen residue


  • Requires a little longer time for full effect.
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2. GenCare Allergy Relief Medicine

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  • Easy to swallow
  • Relaxes your body and improves your sleep
  • One bottle contains 600 tablets

GenCare Allergy Relief tablet contains 25 g of Diphenhydramine HCl. This drug is efficient in treating symptoms of allergies including the itchy nose, eyes, and throat, sneezing, runny nose, and rash. It also helps in the prevention and treatment of vomiting, dizziness, and nausea. Moreover, this drug aid patients suffering from insomnia by relaxing their bodies and helping them fall asleep.

Overall, the GenCare Allergy Relief tablet will help you in better breathing and getting rid of allergic symptoms. With a bundle of 600 tablets in a single packaging, one bottle would be enough for months.


  • Relieves nasal congestion and improves breathing.
  • One bottle is enough for the whole family suffering from indoor or outdoor allergies.
  • Comes in an affordable price range.


  • The tablet can make you feel sleepy and drowsy.
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3. Magno Humphries Allergy Relief Tablets

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  • Non-drowsy
  • Offers allergy relief from outdoor and indoor allergens
  • Non-sedative antihistamine tablets

Magno Humphries Allergy Relief Tablets contain Fexofenadine HCl, which is one of the best-known ingredients to get rid of multiple symptoms of allergies. The drug starts taking effect within just 60 minutes and once kicked in, it will relieve you from allergy symptoms for a full 24 hours.

Fexofenadine HCl is a non-sedative antihistamine. Therefore, you won’t experience any drowsiness, and you will be able to drive, work, and socialize without feeling lethargic. The bottle comes with 100 tablets, so you won’t have to rush to the medical store any time soon.


  • Temporarily relieve respiratory allergy symptoms.
  • A single tablet a day is enough to alleviate nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms.
  • Offer 24 hours long relief.


  • It may be not great for people who are used to Allegra.
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4. Nasacort Allergy Spray

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  • Offers relief for 24 hours from nasal allergy congestion.
  • Non-addictive and alcohol-free
  • Scent-free

Nasacort allergy spray is one of the best remedies for annoying common allergy symptoms. With its powerful anti-inflammatory actions,  Nasacort offers incredible relief from nasal allergy congestion, runny and itchy nose, and sneezing. A single spray will keep you at peace for 24 hours.

Most of the anti-allergic medicines cause drowsiness and you feel lethargic after taking them, but not this one. This is non-drowsy and keeps you active and sharp for your routine work. Plus, it is scent-free, so you won’t feel that it is even thereafter it dries out.


  • Provide relief from multiple nasal allergic symptoms
  • Stays on the spot where sprayed
  • Safe to use with blood pressure medication


  • Not recommended for people having severe medical conditions.
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5. Flonase Allergy-Relief Spray

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  • No rebound effect
  • Shield your body before the entry of allergens
  • Remain effective for 24 hours

Flonase allergy relief spray is the most prescribed allergy medicine to get rid of nasal allergic symptoms. Doctors recommend this anti-allergic medicine because it forms a protective layer on your body against the allergens or the source of these allergic symptoms. You can use this spray all year round or seasonally.

This spray mainly relieves you from nasal congestion. Moreover, it will also temporarily alleviate itchy and runny nose, sneezing, and itchy and watery eyes. Single-use of this spray is enough to give you 24- hours long relief. Adults and children of 12 years and older can use this spray for relief from irritating nasal allergic symptoms.


  • Offers relief from nasal congestion, itchy nose, sneezing, and watery eyes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Get rid of allergens before they attack your body.
  • Fully restore normal breathing.


  • Requires several days for a fully positive effect.
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Common Dust Mite Allergy Symptoms

Following are the most common dust mite allergy symptoms,

  • Nasal congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Itchy nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Postnasal drip

In the case of a chronic or ongoing allergic condition, one may experience persistent cough, congestion, sneezing, and facial pressure. In such circumstances, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor.

Which Allergy Medicine Is Best For Dust Mites?

Picking the one best one from an overwhelming range of allergy medicines is a difficult task. However, antihistamines containing medicines are widely prescribed by doctors and are generally available at the drug stores.

Antihistamines are safe to use, still, it is advisable to contact your doctor before using any allergy medicine, especially if you are a pregnant mother, breastfeeding mother, or have any other medical condition.

How Do You Treat Dust Mite Allergies?

Dust mite allergies severely affect your daily routine, rendering you from doing the simplest of tasks with ease. The best of treating allergies is to eradicate the root cause. Consider discussing the following treatment options with your doctor. Medicine and dosage vary from person to person as everyone has different health conditions.

  • Antihistamines

The use of over-the-counter antihistamines containing drugs is one of the most efficient treatment options against dust mite allergies. These drugs block the histamine that is released by your immune system as it gets attacked by the allergens.

  • Allergy Shots

Through allergy shots, minute amounts of the particular allergen are entered in your body which helps in improving your immune system against that allergen. Allergy shots can be administered weekly, yearly, or after years.

  • Corticosteroids

Corticosteroids are available in the market as nasal sprays. Allergy relief sprays are simple, hassle-free, and easy to use remedy against allergy symptoms. These sprays temporarily give you relief from allergic symptoms. Most of the high quality sprays available at stores offer you relief from allergy symptoms for 24 hours, so you can enjoy full day and night protection from allergens.

How Long Does Dust Mite Allergy Last?

Dust mites are very common and powerful indoor allergens. Owing to their prevalence in the cozy environment of your home, you may be constantly exposed to house dust mites. The duration of the allergic reaction caused by dust mites depends upon the duration and amount of exposure.

In the case of single but acute exposure, the allergic symptoms may last up to 48 hours. If you sleep on a pillow that is home to dust mites, all night long, then allergic symptoms may last a whole day. However, if you are constantly exposed to dust mites, then the allergy can go-on for a long time.

How Do I Clean My House Of Dust Mites?

Honestly, it is impossible to completely get rid of house dust mites. However, you can considerably decrease their existence in your home and improve your chances of being safe from their attack. Here are a few tips and tricks to clean your house of dust mites.

  1. House dust mites thrive on dust, mold, and damp places. The first thing you can do is to keep your home dust-free. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner to clean floor, furniture, carpets, clothing, and windows. After vacuuming, it is important to dust off shelves, vases, and other objects.
  2. Bedding and cozy furniture are two of the most favorite places of house dust mites. Wash your bedding and other household fabrics every week or two. It is recommended to wash clothes in hot water.
  3. Add good quality essential oils such as tea tree, clove, and eucalyptus while washing bedding and other clothes.
  4. Also, you can add a few drops of essential oils mixed with water in the diffuser and spray it all across your place. These oils have proved to help kill the dust mites.
  5. Use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level.

I hope you found the medication you needed to alleviate dust mite allergies. If you’re in doubt, consult a doctor for qualified advice.