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If you’re at your wits end with dust mites infesting your home, you’ll need treatment products that are plain effective. That’s a given. Without the right treatment, along with regular cleaning, you’ll have to deal with relapse of the allergic symptoms.

Top Dust Mite Treatment Products That Work

In your attempts to suppress dust mite growth, these products will be a beacon that turns the tide against the growing pests.

1. Dust Mite Spray

There are various types of dust mite sprays available. Some are purely made of chemical, which is very potent against dust mites, but may pose health risks or staining against fabrics. Others, which are derived from natural sources, are human and pet safe, but takes longer to kill the mites.

Either way, dust mite sprays are essential in your battle against dust mites, particularly those that linger on the surface of the mattress, upholstery, and couch. Allergen ADMS is one that strikes the balance between people-safe and being an effective dust mite spray.

When you’re getting a dust mite spray, it’s best to choose one that not only kills the mites but also denatures the allergen. After all, dust mite allergen is what’s causing allergic symptoms.

2. Laundry Additive And Detergent For Dust Mites

You ought to realize that washing with cold water does nothing to kill dust mites on the laundry. The gush of water may flush some of the mites off but many would survive and continue to breed. Unless you’re washing with hot water or running the laundry through a dryer, you’ll want to get a laundry detergent.

Dust mites detergent usually contain certain types of essential oil, which are proven to be effective in killing microscopic pests. The DeMite Laundry Additive is a proven treatment product that kills and removes dust mites during laundering.

Remember that a good detergent not only kills dust mites but also protect the fabric while doing so. Here are some of the best in the market.

3. Dust Mite Powder for Carpets

Besides the mattress, carpet is where you’ll find most of the dust mites in your home. A carpet easily traps skin flakes in the fabric, and vacuuming is hardly effective to remove them off. The result is a free-for-all breeding ground for dust mites.

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to have carpets in your home if you’re allergic to dust mites. Else, you’ll want to invest in dust mite powder like the X-Mite by Allersearch. Sprinkle the dust mite powder onto the carpet, and the treatment will gradually eliminate the mites that are hiding deep within.

Follow through with a high-powered carpet cleaner like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away. Yes, you’ll need all the firepower to get rid of dust mites on the carpet. 

4. Progena Dust + Mite Drops

While you’re busy fending off dust mites, you’ll want to soothe the allergic symptoms triggered by the allergen. Progena Dust+Mite drops is a supplement that is produced based on homeopathy and may help in alleviating allergies.

Progena Dust+Mite drops works by introducing highly-diluted substances into your body, which will then trigger the immune response to deal with the allergic response brought upon by dust mite allergen.

Here’s more about how it works.

Final Thoughts

While using the above-mentioned treatment products may help in dust mite control, they are far from a miracle solution. It takes discipline and a zealous cleaning routine to keep the numbers of dust mites down.

You’ll know that you’re on the right track when you don’t sneeze as often as you do or your eyes stop getting sore and teary. Good luck with busting dust mites.