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Think you’ve tried everything to get rid of dust mites? I was fighting a losing battle until I started looking for a potent, yet safe dust mite spray for the menacing pest. I skipped the DIY solution because I was hard-pressed for something that works — fast.

As you might already know, dust mite is unseen household pests that trigger an extensive list of allergy symptoms. These minuscule creatures produce allergen that affects our health in various ways. At its worst, dust mites can cause or aggravate asthma and are potentially dangerous for children.

When battling dust mites, you’ll want to use every means at your disposal and that includes organic and inorganic spray. If you are too busy to concoct a homemade dust mite spray, it helps to purchase a commercial solution. 

Comparing Top Rated Dust Mites Sprays

Product Qty Chemical-free Non-Staining Price
Allersearch ADMS 32 oz. No Yes Check Price
Eradicator 24 oz Yes Yes Check Price
Premoguard Bed bug & Lice Killer 24 oz Yes Yes Check Price
Euroclean 3-in1 25 oz Yes Yes Check Price
Cosyworld 22 oz Yes Yes Check Price
Bedlam Plus 17 oz No Yes Check Price

Best Dust Mite Sprays 

It always pays to be cautious when it comes to dust mite sprays, especially when you have children or a pet in your home. Here are some of the top-rated ones that are not only effective but gentle on humans as well.

1. Allersearch ADMS Anti Allergen Spray 

Best House Dust Mite Sprays

If you’re worried about staining fabrics with a dust mite spray, you may want to try the ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray by Allersearch. While the formula is inorganic, the spray does not contain tannic acid and benzyl benzoate, which are known to be harsh on white-colored fabrics.

It is gentle on people, pets and the environment, although the same cannot be said on the colonies of dust mites in your home. The formula is particularly effective in killing dust mites upon contact. Besides that, it’s also equally effective in getting rid of other allergens like pollen, mold, and mildew.

This non-toxic dust mite spray works well for various items in your home, such as the carpet, curtains, upholstery, and even for the interior of your car. A single 32 oz spray is sufficient to cover approximately 600 sq ft of area. It’s advisable that you re-spray every 3 months for optimum effects.

Using the ADMS spray is no rocket science. After spraying over the bed, cushions, carpets, or other items, wait for around 2 hours before cleaning the remaining residues with a vacuum or a cloth. It will have done its job in killing the dust mites during that time.

It’s arguably the best dust mite spray in terms of safety and effectiveness.


  • Does not create stains on white fabric.
  •  Safe for people and pets.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Does not contain tannic acid and benzyl benzoate.
  • Effective in reducing allergy symptoms.


  • The odor of the spray may be unpleasant to some.

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2. The Ecology Works DustMiteX 

The Ecology Works DustMiteX offers a safe way to kills the dust mites while leaving everything else intact. The mite killer spray is made of natural biodegradable ingredients which made it a non-toxic solution for dust mites control.

You can use DustMiteX without worries even if you have a pet at home. Not only that, but the spray also doesn’t leave any stain on surfaces, especially white fabrics. This ensures you won’t damage any beddings or furniture while battling dust mites at home.

The spray can be used for mattresses, carpets, furniture, and other areas in your home. A single 32 oz. bottle of spray is sufficient to cover 100 sq ft of area. The residual effect of the spray is so strong that you’ll only need to repeat the treatment after 6 months.


  • Natural, biodegradable formula.
  • Very effective in killing dust mites.
  • Does not stain fabrics, bed, and furniture.
  • Safe for humans and pets.
  • Cost-effective solution for dust mite control.


  • Some customers received products with a broken spray nozzle.

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3. PremoGuard Bed Bug & Lice Killer 

Best House Dust Mite Sprays


This beg bug spray by PremoGuard kills dust mites and bed bugs. Made from natural ingredients that are non-toxic, it is equally lethal for the dust mites that are hidden in the mattress or other items in your home.

The formula is non-toxic and carefully crafted to ensure it doesn’t cause staining on your precious furniture. There are also no worries about using the spray when your child or pets are around as it is certified to be safe. You also won’t suffer from any unpleasant odor that’s commonly associated with conventional pesticides.

A preferred option by exterminators, the spray is formulated by a team of top entomologists using natural plant extracts. If you’re wondering how natural formula can be so lethal for dust mites, it’s due to active ingredients of the extract that damage the outer shells of dust mites, killing them instantly.

Quality and safety for the sprays are crucial and this PremoGuard ensures the product is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and complies with Certified Natural Products Association (NPA). You need not worry about damaging the earth with this dust mite spray.

It’s best to incorporate PremoGuard spray into your regular cleaning routine. Spray sufficient amount on areas infested with dust mite allergens, such as the beddings, chairs, rugs, and curtains. The residue of the spray will last for up to two weeks before you need to apply the spray again.


  • Made from natural plant ingredients
  • Manufactured in GMP facilities.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Odorless and does not produce harmful fume.
  • 100% kill rate for bed bugs and dust mites (according to PremoGuard)


  • May not be effective for heavy infestations.

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4. Allergen Spray by Allergy Asthma Clean

Chemicals are absolutely a big no-no for a dust mite killer, particularly when your family has toddlers and pet dogs (or cats). The Allergy Asthma Clean Allergen Spray is formulated with minerals that get rid of dust mites naturally.

You can use it on common hiding places of allergens, such as the beds, furniture, carpets, rugs, or even in soft toys. The natural properties of the minerals will put an end to the mites rampaging in your home.

As the minerals are odorless, you will not be overwhelmed with strong scents. Instead, the allergen spray will silently destroy mites that are infesting your home.

The allergen spray is amazingly simple to use, as it comes with a bottle with a spray nozzle. Just spray at the common suspects of dust mites hiding spots, and vacuum the carcasses after a couple of hours. It’s a perfect travel companion if you’re worried about dust mites in hotels.


  • Formulated from natural minerals.
  • Safe for people and pets.
  • Great for travel.
  • Odorless.
  • Effective in killing dust mites.


  • May not work for serious infestations.

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5. Cosyworld Bed Bug Non-Toxic Spray

Best House Dust Mite Sprays


Both bed bugs and dust mites are annoying pests. But you can have the latter hiding in your bed with the absence of the former. Still, this organic pest killer spray by Cosyworld works well to eliminate the millions of mites in your home.

The spray is made of one of the most potent essential oils that kill dust mites, the clove oil. It is highly effective in that it could kill dust mites almost instantly. Not only that, but the residue of the oil also ensures that you could enjoy 2 weeks of protection before these pests attempt to make a return.

You can use the spray without worrying about harming your children or pets. The product is EPA-exempt and does not contain any form of toxic chemicals. Thus, you can expect an odorless experience when you’re spraying at every hiding place of the pests at home.

The spray is formulated to be gentle on your household items. This means no fretting of your bedsheets turning yellow, or stains forming on the curtains after the spray has dried. You may want to spray on your bed a few times during the initial use if you’re suspecting a huge colony of dust mites resides in it.


  • Formulated with natural clove oil.
  • EPA-exempt and non-toxic.
  • Do not cause stains on surfaces.
  • Residual protection for up to two weeks.
  • Helps to reduce the pest population at home.


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  • May not be the best choice for major infestations.

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6. Bedlam Plus 


Dust mites can be annoyingly stubborn if the environment is ideal for their growth. If you need a stronger dust mite spray, this Bedlam Plus insecticide spray is the perfect solution. Besides killing bed bugs, this Bedlam Plus spray delivers a powerful punch when combating dust mites.

If you’re getting rid of dust mites on fabric, carpets, or mattresses, Bedlam Plus is the ideal choice. It’s made of non-staining ingredients, which means it’s fabric safe. You can also use this spray to eliminate dust mites in upholstery, ceramic surfaces, and wood-based furniture. 

To get rid of the pest, you’ll want to spray the Bedlam Plus solution in the common hiding places of the mites. Leave it for a few hours as it kills the mites. Then, use a vacuum to remove the numerous dead mites from the beddings or carpets.


  • Highly potent dust mite spray.
  • Works on different surface types (fabric, wood, and ceramic).
  • Unscented spray. 
  • 2 weeks residual effect. 
  • Non-staining, fabric-safe solution.


  • Might not be effective for heavy infestation.

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Dust Mite Spray: Inorganic vs Natural

Generally, you’ll find commercial dust mites spray categorized into inorganic and natural sprays. Inorganic ones use chemicals like tannic acid or benzyl benzoate that are proven to be a lethal agent for dust mites. Some inorganic sprays are tested to be safe for humans and pets.

Natural dust mite sprays are usually made of plant extract and formulated to kill dust mites. Often, an inorganic spray is more efficient. The spray reacts faster to neutralize the allergen and the residue effects last for months before another treatment is needed.

Meanwhile, it may take longer to kill off the dust mites or neutralize the allergen when using natural ones. Also, you’ll need to apply natural dust mites spray more frequently, usually for 2 weeks, in order to keep them at bay.

There isn’t a right or wrong choice in choosing inorganic or natural dust mite killer sprays. If you’re one for the greener earth, you may opt for natural solutions. But if the mites are driving you mad, an inorganic spray will do the trick quicker.

Are Dust Mite Sprays Effective?

Yes, they are.

The question is, how effective are they in terms of mortality rate for the pests.

Dust mite sprays that are made with chemicals are generally more lethal against the allergen-causing pest. Those that are derived from plant extracts or essential oils are less potent, which explains why you’ll need regular treatment when using a natural dust mite spray.

Using a dust mite killer spray doesn’t mean you can relax on other measures in eliminating dust mites. You’ll still need to clean your home regularly, particularly the bedroom and carpet, as they often have the highest concentration of the allergen.

Spraying should be part of the routine when you’re cleaning the house. Combine with vacuuming, steam cleaning, and laundry to eliminate dust mites effectively.

Dust Mite Spray – What To Look For

There’s much to consider when choosing a dust mite spray. And trust me, the price is not something that you’ll want to base your decision on. You’ll want to get a dust mite spray that is effective in terminating dust mites in the house but keeping its occupant safe.

Ensure that you’ve run through this checklist before choosing a spray.

  • Safe for humans and pets – Always make it a point to ensure that the dust mite spray is not toxic for humans and a pet. Ingesting or inhaling toxic chemicals can lead to serious complications.
  • Environmental friendly – Consider the effects the spray has on the earth. Look for products that are in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency or are certified by other recognized bodies.
  • Intended Materials – You’ll want to ensure that the spray does not damage the material it is sprayed on. Always check the labels if it is suitable for the type of fabrics, wood, or other materials in your home.
  • Size – If you’re suspecting that dust mites are running rampant in various parts of your house, you’ll want to get a dust mite spray that lasts for months. Else you’ll be busy placing orders for new ones.
  • Ingredients – Even if the dust mite spray is advertised as human-friendly, you’ll want to know what it is made of. There’s a possibility that you may be allergic to some of the ingredients contained.
  • Effectiveness – Of course, a good spray kills dust mites effectively. Together with keeping your home dust-free, it gradually reduces the allergic symptoms that you’re experiencing.

How To Use Dust Mite Spray

Is dust mite spray the ultimate solution to the episodes of allergy? No, it’s not. Using dust mite spray complements the regular cleaning that you’ve been doing at home. To kill dust mites, you’ll want to spray on the mattress, carpets, rugs, soft toys, and places that are prone to accumulating dust.

If you’re using one that contains chemicals, make sure that your children or pet are not in range when spraying it around. Even if you’re using a natural spray, you’ll still need to be cautious. Avoid inhaling the droplets or direct exposure to the eyes.

Maintain a schedule when using the dust mite spray. Rather than a one-off process, it takes consistent effort to get rid of the mites. Expect a long-term battle that goes back and forth as you take on millions of the tiny pests at home.

Here are some of the proven ones that’ll get you kicking dust mites in no time.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going for a dust mite spray that is made with strictly natural ingredients, it will not be as deadly as one produced with chemicals like tannic acid. However, using natural sprays means you can eliminate dust mites without worries of harmful effects for humans and pets.

Personally, Allersearch ADMS is my pick as the best dust mite spray. It’s proven to work remarkably well against dust mites. You can use it safely even with your pet running around at home.

If you’re going for 100% natural, DustMiteX by The Ecology Works is a good choice. It’s an ideal choice to get rid of the nasty pests in your home.

You can, of course, make your own dust mite spray if you don’t wish to buy commercial-made ones. Just add a few drops of these essential oils with water in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go.

At times, battling dust mites can be very frustrating, especially when you’re developing allergic symptoms. I hope you’ve got the best dust mite spray to contain or eradicate the microscopic pests in your home.