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The fact is, you can’t get rid of dust mites completely, but you can bring down its population to a level that it doesn’t trigger allergies. Certain types of natural essential oils have been scientifically proven to be effective in killing dust mites. If you have a few bottles at home, they may just do the trick.

Dust mites are microscopic pests that commonly reside in most homes. These tiny creatures thrive in a humid and warm environment. Carpets, cushions, and mattresses are some of their favorite places to live in.

Dust mites mainly eat dead skin cells. These pests’ excretion contains a type of protein, which can cause harmful allergic reactions in humans. Common signs of dust mite allergy include fever, nasal congestion, sneezing, and coughing.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the herbal compounds that are extracted from different parts of the plants, mainly from leaves and petals of the flowers.

The oil is extracted through steam/ water distillation or via mechanical processes, including cold pressing.  The essential oil contains a particular flavor and aroma of the plant, which can be called “essence.” The distinctive aroma of each essential oil makes them exceptionally valuable and beneficial in aromatherapy.

Medicinal use of these oils is reported in traditional practices, including Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. These essential oils are being used to treat various health issues for centuries. The natural composition of several essential oils (and of the plants extracted from) is scientifically tested to improve both mental and physical health.

Many essential oils enhance your immunity with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antiviral properties. Some of the essential oils improve the digestive process and help ease stomach aches. Other functions of essential oils include boosting energy levels, keeping hormonal balance, relieving pain, anxiety, and stress, enhancing brain function, and tranquilizing your body.

Essential oils not only great for your internal health, but also for your skin and hair. Many essential oils fight free radicals, which are the main cause of aging effects on the skin.

How Essential Oils Can Benefit Health?

Essential oils possess amazing qualities that are beneficial for human health, both physically, and mentally. Essential oils can be massaged on the skin (along with carrier oil) or can be taken orally.  They are often used in aromatherapy and such practices have been around for thousands of years.

In their own ways, essential oils bring incredible improvements to your daily lifestyle. Here are some benefits of commonly used essential oils

Can Essential Oils Kill Dust Mites?

Yes, you can use essential oils to get rid of dust mites. These natural essential oils not only treat allergies but can also help you kill the primary sources, the microscopic dust mites. These tiny creatures thrive on dead skin cells and love to reside in dusty, warm, and humid places.

Killing the leading cause of the spread of allergens will eventually reduce allergies symptoms. Essential oils that naturally contain acaricides (a poisonous substance to kill dust mites) in sufficient quantities will be more efficient in killing the dust mites. In this regard, the following natural essential oils are the most recommended.

However, not all types of essential oils are equally potent in killing dust mites. Only a handful does, which are described below.

Essential Oils That Effectively Kill Dust Mites

1. Clove Oil (Most Potent)

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Natural constituents of Clove essential oil are scientifically approved to fight against house dust mites. Egyptian researchers thoroughly studied the natural ingredients of plant essential oils and found that clove essential oil is the most effective oil in killing the house dust mites. The efficiency of clove essential oil relies on the abundance of 62% Eugenol.

2. Eucalyptus Oil

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Australian researchers studied the efficiency of eucalyptus essential oil in killing the dust mites. The result showed a startling 97% reduction in the mites. A major component of eucalyptus essential oil, 1,8-cineol is the key factor behind this function.

This oil has been ranked as one of the most effective essential oils in killing house dust mites. Additionally, this oil can also reduce allergic reaction, fight against bacterial and parasitic toxins.

3. Rosemary Oil

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In the same study conducted by Egyptian researchers stated above, the scientists studied the role of a total of 14 essential oils. Other than clove essential oil, rosemary essential oil was also found to have a promising role in killing the dust mites. The effectiveness of rosemary essential oil is due to the presence of 1,8-cineol.

4. Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil or melaleuca essential oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree leaves. This tree is native to New Zealand and Australia. This oil has a unique camphor-like smell.

Researchers from different research institutes of the UK studied the role of tea tree, lemon, and lavender essential oil in fighting against the lice and mites. The tea tree essential oil showed the most promising results against both organisms.

5. Fennel Oil

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Fennel oil has a licorice-like smell. This oil is also very efficient in killing house dust mites. However, it is advisable to use it in moderate amounts. Avoid using fennel oil around pregnant women and people diagnosed with epilepsy.

Among the 14 essential oils studied by the researchers at the Alexandria University, fennel essential oils were scientifically proved to be one of the most effective essential oils to get rid of house dust mites.

Are Essential Oils Safe?

Before using essential oils, be sure to read all the precautionary measures and “how to use” guidelines because essential oils are mostly used after specific dilutions. Before massaging it on your skin, it highly advisable to test it first on a small area of your fest. Moreover, mix the essential oil with a good quality carrier oil, such as coconut oil before massaging on the body.

Pregnant ladies and feeding mothers must not use it for medicinal purposes. And it is better to consult your doctor before using any essential oil.

Children’s skin can be overly sensitive to the essential oils, so keep the oils out of reach of children.

In case of its splash in the eyes, ears, or nose, quickly get medical help.

How To Choose An Essential Oil For Dust Mites Control?

There are various brands of essential oil and it can be very difficult to pick the best one. To make things easier for you, here are the points that you must keep in mind before buying any essential oil,

  • Purity – The essential oil must be of high quality and 100% pure. The addition of diluents, preservatives, or any other additives can ruin the natural characteristics of essential oil. So, always look for pure essential oils which have all the essence of the plant locked in.
  • Scientifically Tested – The essential oils must be GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry) tested. Most of the prestigious companies make the results of these tests available for the customers. These tests define the quality and purity of each batch of the essential oils.
  • High-Quality Packaging – Amber glass bottle keeps the essential oil safe from the harmful sun rays (UV rays), and the quality of the product remains intact. Moreover, the presence of a dropper in the bottle makes it easy to use. Look for brands that offer high packaging standards.

How To Use Essential Oils For Killing Dust Mites

There is a couple of ways where you can use essential oils to kill house dust mites. First of all, you need to pinpoint the most loveable habitats of house dust mites. As the mites love to stay in the warm and humid environment, the main spot will be bedding items, cushions on the couch, and dusty carpets.

Use of Essential Oils During Laundry

Using essential oil in your laundry can provide you with numerous benefits. First and foremost, it will get rid of all the allergens spread through house dust mites. Secondly, it will give an amazing fragrance to your clothes that are unique, special, natural, and refreshing. And thirdly, as you will need only a few drops of essential oil to get all these amazing benefits, so it will also be superbly economical.

Essential oils can be added to the detergent. Generally, just a few drops of essential oil are enough in a normal-sized bottle of detergent. Use that essential oil-infused detergent during laundry and the dust mites will be destroyed.

You can also make your fabric softener with essential oil. For this, add about 30 drops of any good essential oil in 1 gallon of white vinegar and use it as a fabric softener. You will be amazed by the results.

Thoroughly Spray Essential Oils on beddings

Spray essential oil spray all over your mattress and other bedding items to kill the residing dust mites. Lavender essential oil spray is the best option to spray on your mattress, as you can enjoy its sedative effects as well.

How To Make DIY Essential Oil Sprays for Dust Mites

Making an essential oil spray to get rid of house dust mites at home is very easy. You will need just a few items, follow easy steps, and you’ll be able to kill a good number of annoying dust mites at home.

You will require,

  • Spray bottle (can be of any size)
  • Boiled water- 1 cup (cool it down before use)
  • Vinegar- 1 cup (optional – vinegar may help to destroy dust mites excretion)

and 7 to 8 drops of following oils,

  • Clove essential oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Tea tree Oil
  • Fennel Essential Oil

First, add water and in the bottle. Then add a few drops of one or more of the essential oils above.

Shake all the ingredients well. And there you have it! Spray this DIY natural essential oil spray on the mattress, couch, carpet, and all over the place to safeguard yourself from the harms of dust mites.

These essential oils are proven to be highly effective in killing dust mites.


Microscopic house dust mites can create humungous health issues if it gets unnoticed. The allergens excreted by these dust mites can be very harmful. Dust mite allergies cause several problems, including nasal congestion, skin problems, etc.

However, the use of essential oils can be very effective in killing house dust mites. Clover, fennel, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil are the most effective essential oils to kill the dust mites. If you haven’t started spraying your house with essential oils, you ought to start now and prevent dust mites from ruining your life.

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