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A humid home is a recipe for allergens, bacterias and dust mites. Getting a hygrometer is the best way to have a precise humidity reading for your home. This guide gives you an insight into what hygrometers are and how to choose the best one for home use.

What Is A Hygrometer?

A hygrometer is a meteorological instrument that measures the humidity level or water vapor content in the air, soil, or any confined space. Using a hygrometer, you can identify the humidity level in the refrigerator, baby room, guitar cases, kitchen, or at any outdoor place as well.

A hygrometer measures the humidity level on the basis of atmospheric temperature, pressure, and mass of the object that is absorbing the moisture from the air. For an accurate reading, calibration of the instrument is very important.

Hygrometer commonly measures the relative humidity- RH. The relative humidity is the measurement of the current water vapor content as compared to the maximum possible vapor content in the atmosphere at that temperature. This relative humidity is displayed in percentage. And most of the hygrometers available to time-log relative humidity value.

Types of Hygrometer

Based on the display of humidity readings, the hygrometers can be categorized as digital and analog. As the name indicates, the digital hygrometers present the readings in the form of digits in an LCD display. Using a digital hygrometer is easy, efficient, and very simple as compared to the analog hygrometer.

In analog hygrometer, there is a pointer which works just like a minute hand in the watch. The pointer or arrow pints at the printed number on the dial to show the reading.

The digital hygrometer is simple to read and show the temperature of the environment as well. And most importantly, the accuracy of the reading matters the most. Digital hygrometers are way more efficient than the analog hygrometers because there is a chance of making mistakes when manually reading the values.

Why Gauging Your Home’s Humidity Is Important

Gauging humidity content of your home is extremely important because it affects the climate of your place. This change in the climatic conditions of a place can have to pose harmful effects on human health.

Increase in the humidity level from a certain point can make the environment feasible for harmful microbes, allergens, and dust mites to flourish. The greater the humidity is in an environment, the more dust mites, and microbes will increase.

However, extremely low humidity in your home can also pose negative effects on health. The dry environment of your home enhances dryness in the skin, dehydration, and several nasal and throat ailments.

That’s why it is exceptionally important to be aware of the humidity level at your home so that you can use humidifier or dehumidifier to protect your body from dry conditions.

How Do You Use A Hygrometer?

Using a hygrometer is very easy. Nowadays, easy-to-install and hassle-free usage hygrometers are available in the market. High-quality hygrometers from prominent and highly recommended brands offers several features. You can place hygrometers at different places of your home such as basement, kitchen, baby room, storage sections, guitar rooms, and cabinets.

In addition to that, some hygrometers can also be used to measure the humidity level of outdoor places. Such hygrometers work perfectly well when you go on tracking on high trails. You can simply clip or tuck in the hygrometer in the pockets of your backpack and move on.

Most of the brands offer hygrometers which can be installed in the wall as well as placed on the tabletops using an adjustable stand. Plus, some companies also provide backlight on the LCD display screen. This backlight option helps you see the reading in the dark.

How To Choose A Hygrometer?

There are several types of hygrometers available, all offering the same function with certain differences in the exterior or features. Such trifle differences can be decisive depending upon your personal preferences. To make things easier for you, here are a few fundamental characteristics of a hygrometer that you check before making a purchase.


Display screen should be clear, wide, and easy to read. Digital hygrometers work efficiently in showcasing the readings. Moreover, with the availability of a backlight option, the digits become clearer. Plus, various sizes of hygrometers are available which have different screen sizes from small to large. So, choose any as per your personal preference.


Accuracy in recording the relative humidity level is a fundamental requirement of any hygrometer. The importance of accuracy depends on where you want to install the device. The accuracy range of the hygrometers varies from 1 to 10%. In normal places, having a hygrometer with approximately 5% error rate will be sufficient.

Internet Connectivity and Sensor Integration

Having a single hygrometer is definitely very beneficial. However, if you are looking to place multiple hygrometers in the office or at different places of the home, then having hygrometers that can be integrated with a network is useful.

Such hygrometers often provide access with the smartphone app. You’ll be able to check the readings in various part of your home with a few taps on the screen.


The battery lifespan is an important feature for all electronic devices. Before purchasing, check if the batteries are included in the package and if not, then what sort of batteries are needed. And most importantly, how often do you need to change the batteries.

Thermometer Scale

Some hygrometers also take temperature readings. While choosing a hygrometer, check whether it displays the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Most of the digital hygrometers provide a switch for changing Fahrenheit and Celsius. However, there are a few show readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. So, look for this specification before purchasing.

Best Hygrometer For Home 2020

Use of hygrometers is common at workplaces and home to gauge and regulate humidity. There is an enormous variety of hygrometers available online and in stores. Choosing the best hygrometers from the lot is very confusing, and also there is a high probability that you may get stuck with a low-quality device.

To help you decide, I’ve handpicked some of the top-rated hygrometers, which offer premium quality and amazing features.

1. Stadler Form Selina Hygrometer

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Stadler Form Selina digital hygrometer and the indoor thermometer are efficient to use at multiple places. This hygrometer can accurately sense and record temperature and humidity levels in the air at your home, office, and greenhouse.

The hygrometer measures the readings with a 3% accuracy range, with the ability of recording humidity level from 25% to 98% in the air. As for the temperature-sensing feature of this hygrometer, this device can accurately measure the temperature from 14.0°F to 122.0°F with an accuracy range of 2.7°F.

Using this digital thermometer/ hygrometer allows you to accurately acquire the internal temperature and humidity level of the house. You can then easily adjust the humidity with the help of a humidifier or dehumidifier.

It also indicates the comfort level showing, comfortable, uncomfortable, and normal conditions according to the humidity and temperature level. Surely, a must-have device to keep your family in a guided and controlled environment. It protects your health by preventing extreme humid and dry conditions.

With its small size and lightweight, you can easily place or carry anywhere. It is advised not to use this device around water to prolong its lifespan.


  • High accuracy.
  • Portable design.
  • Easy readability.
  • °F/ °C switchable option.
  • Clear LCD display

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2. Mini Digital Humidity Meters Gauge

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This mini hygrometer is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers the mini version of devices. It electronically gauges the humidity level and temperature in the air. The size of the LCD screen is 35.7 x 16.8mm, and the readings can be observed clearly and easily.

This hygrometer accurately depicts the humidity level and temperature in the environment. You can place it in the greenhouse garden, fridge, storage closets, humidors, kitchen, and wherever you want to measure the humidity and temperature.

It can measure the humidity level between the range of 10% and 99% with an accuracy of ±5%. It gauges humidity in every 10 seconds, which ensures correct readings in real-time. Additionally, it measures the temperature between the range of -58°F-158°F with ±2°F accuracy.

Button cells of 1.5V are included in the package, so there is no need to worry about buying a separate pair of batteries to make it function.


  • Mini size.
  • Show temperature in Fahrenheit.
  • Real-time display of humidity and temperature.
  • Clear LCD.

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3. ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

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ThermoPro digital hygrometer is one of the most accurate and easy to use hygrometer available in the market. This gadget is perfectly engineered to monitor, sense, and display humidity in the air. With just a single glance, you can check the dryness, comfort level, and wetness (humidity) at your place. This way, you’ll be able to adjust the indoor humidity as per your preference.

This hygrometer ensures a healthy environment around you by monitoring the temperature at an unsafe level for the growth of allergens and microbes. Moreover, the gadget can also be used as freezer thermometer, refrigerator thermometer, soil thermometer, reptile thermometer, cigar hygrometer, humidor hygrometer, and more.

This device record high and low temperature and humidity correctly with the accuracy of ±2~3%RH (Relative Humidity). This minimal accuracy makes a perfect choice to accurately measure the fluctuating readings.

Talking about the external design of this hygrometer, you will find it superbly easy to use and simple to place anywhere you want to. This device has a magnetic back so you can simply stick it in the fridge. Else you can place it on the tabletop as well.

It comes with a AAA battery, and the company gives you one year warranty.


  • Elegant and portable design.
  • Humidity and Comfort Indicator.
  • Accuracy of ±2~3%RH.
  • Easy to set and adjust.
  • Efficient operation in different indoor conditions.

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4 Xiaomi Youpin Magnetic Digital Hygrometer 

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Digital hygrometer by Xiaomi Youpin is highly reliable and accurate for gauging humidity. This hygrometer is surely the perfect choice for people who prefer a sophisticated hygrometer with built-in intelligence. The screen features an emoticon that changes to reflect the current environment in your home.

The hygrometer features a sleek design with curved edges. You can mount it on its holder or use the magnetic base to attach it on metal surfaces. The ergonomics of the hygrometer makes it good decor in your home.

You can also switch the temperature unit between °C and °F with a simple click. The class e-ink text on the screen gives it a unique appearance amongst other hygrometers of the same range.

The digital hygrometer has a high precision temperature sensor that records changes in humidity with up to +/- 3% RH accuracy.  It consumers very little power, which means a single CR2032 battery will last for at least 1 year.


  • Unique e-ink screen with a smart emoticon.
  • Equipped with high accuracy sensors.
  • Portable design with multiple placement options.
  • Accurate measurement.

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5. AcuRite Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer with Humidity Gauge

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AcuRite thermometer and hygrometer correctly live up the brand’s name. This device accurately displays the humidity level and temperature inside your place. It exhibits three levels of humidity, LOW, HIGH, and OK. This way, you’ll be able to adjust the internal temperature of your home just by looking at these signals displayed on the screen.

This device is definitely a great option to keep the household environment controlled and perfect for human health.

The design and size of this gadget can fit perfectly in any room of your house. Not only inside the house, but you can also clip it on your backpack on the way to hiking.  On a hiking trail, it will guide you about the humidity level and the temperature of the air around you.

The small size of this device makes it perfect for keeping it inside your pocket as well. Surely, it is an amazing on-the-go device. You can stick it in the refrigerator with its magnetic back, or fold the stand and put it on the tabletop.

With this elegantly manufactured hygrometer, forget about guessing the indoor temperature, and get the correct numbers.


  • Displays accurate readings of humidity and temperature.
  • The ideal companion for humidifier and dehumidifier.
  • Perfect to use indoor and outdoor.
  • Easily mount on the fridge with magnetic back.
  • A daily record of humidity and temperature.

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6. SensorPush Wireless Hygrometer for iPhone/Android

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Sensor Push wireless thermometer and hygrometer is the perfect pick for the busy people in this modern age. With an overwhelming presence of devices all around us, one needs to get hold of things right at your palm, on a mobile device. This SensorPush gadget is manufactured, keeping this concept in mind.

This device gives you the control of reading the humidity level and temperature of your place by using an extremely self-sufficient application. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the coverage of this application is smooth and powerful, and it allows you to control the device from anywhere inside the home. And you can place the hygrometer or thermometer device wherever you want to.

Coming to the accuracy of the readings, the hygrometer is engineered with Swiss-made technology that is exceptionally reliable, and accurate. With this hygrometer, you can use its smooth long-range accessibility and perfect accuracy in readings.

This device can be used at all indoor places including, guitar cases, attics, humidors, refrigerators, basement, etc. Additionally, you only have to set it once, and through Bluetooth connection, it will notify you itself in the event of any problems.


  • Temperature and humidity accuracy.
  • Remotely controllable through the mobile application.
  • One hundred meters wireless range without obstruction.
  • More than one year of battery life.

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7. Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer

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Cigar Oasis digital hygrometer is one of the bestselling hygrometers in the market this time. It is extremely simple to operate this hygrometer. It is pre-calibrated for hassle-free use for the user while providing the option for recalibration.

The display screen is properly framed, visible, and make readings easy to read. The screen displays temperature in Fahrenheit, alongside the percentage of humidity level in the air. The design of this device is sleek and stylish and can blend easily with any interior. You can also put it inside your car, guitar cover or kitchen cabinet as well.

This hygrometer comes along the battery, so there is no need to purchase a separate set of batteries. This is a simple, efficient, and easy-to-use hygrometer.


  • Advanced humidity sensor.
  • Easy to calibrate.
  • Battery included.
  • Easy to read.

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8. Qooltek Mini Digital Hygrometer

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Qooltek digital humidity monitor is a small-sized device. It is an excellent option to install in cars, refrigerators, reptile tanks, humidors, incubators, or guitar cases. People who prefer hassle-free, less space occupying gadgets will love this humidity monitor.

The display LCD screen is clear, and you can easily read the reading in large digits. This hygrometer and thermometer indicate the temperature readings in Fahrenheit.

It can measure the humidity within 10% RH ~ 95% RH range. And the range of temperature is -40°F ~ 140°F. This device is particularly appreciated for its smaller size, and easy installation.


  • Small size.
  • Prominent LCD display.
  • Easy to read.
  • Easy to install.

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9. Amir 3 Channels Digital Hygrometer With 3 Sensors

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Amir Indoor and outdoor hygrometer and thermometer is an excellently engineered gadget. It is a perfect pick for people who want to maintain humidity level and temperature of three places in a single go. As it comes with one base station and three transmitters. You can place these transmitters in different environments.

This device can measure the humidity level with ±5% accuracy between 20% and 90%. It can record indoor and outdoor humidity from 10 to 99%. And this device can exhibit the indoor temperature from 0 to 60°C and outdoor temperature from -40°C to 60°C, with the accuracy of ±1°C.

In the case of 45% humidity level, the internal environment is dry, comfortable between 45% to 60% and wet above this level.

With the availability of clear LCD screen and backlight option, you can easily read the readings in the night. This light will automatically turn off after 5 seconds of pressing the display. This can easily be hanged on the wall or placed at any tabletop with a base stand.

The company gives an amazing offer of giving 45 days money-back guarantee, or you can also replace your device in case of any problems.


  • One base station with three remote sensors.
  • Outdoor and indoor monitoring options.
  • Backlight function.
  • Forty-five days money-back guarantee.

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10. Estefanlo Digital Hygrometer With Indoor Thermometer

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This digital hygrometer by Estefanlo is one of the most efficient and technologically brilliant hygrometers available in the market.

One of its most striking qualities is its 4.33 inch LCD screen. In addition to such a large-sized screen, it also offers luminous backlight. The backlight makes it easy to control the functions, activate the device, and read the digits in the dark.

It records and displays humidity level and environmental temperature all the time. This feature helps you to adjust your surroundings as per the seasonal climate change beforehand, just by reading the previous record. You can adjust the humidifier and thermostat of your place as per the readings in the record.

The humidity sensor is highly accurate and is necessary to keep you protected from allergens, dry skin, asthma, or any such health problems.

This is an excellent choice to place in the baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, office, bedroom, or at any place that you want to. Moreover, you can read the temperature in °F or °C with an easy switch.

The device comes with AAA batteries in the package. The company gives one year warranty for this digital hygrometer with phenomenal services.


  • Large LCD screen.
  • Backlight display.
  • Convenient switch for °F/°C.
  • Professional accuracy for humidity level and temperature.

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It’s uncomfortable when your home gets stuffy as the air becomes increasingly humid. Hopefully, getting one of these top-rated hygrometers helps you to take the appropriate actions in regulating your home’s humidity level.