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Getting a piece of hypoallergenic blanket can make a huge difference when you’re suffering from allergies. Not only it blocks out allergens like dust mites, but using a blanket also helps you to get the much-needed sleep that can be elusive for allergy sufferers.

Top Hypoallergenic Blankets Compared

Product Material
CleanRest MicronOne fabric Check Price
Vellux Nylon Check Price
Eastland Fleece Check Price
Kingole Fleece Check Price
MaxKare Polar fleece Check Price
Elegear 80% Nylon, 20% PE Check Price

Choosing A Hypoallergenic Blanket For Allergies

Hypoallergenic blanket is constructed with distinctive material that acts as a barrier thus preventing the allergens from coming in contact. Before purchasing a hypoallergenic blanket do keep the following criteria in mind to pick the best one to do the job.

Fabric type

The type of fabric is an excellent indicator of how well the blanket will keep you secure from the allergens. The size of the space between the threads of the fabric weave or pore size determines the level of efficacy of the fabric to block the entrance of allergens.

The pore size of the fabric is measured in microns. Smaller the pore size of the fabric, the more it will resist the allergens. Generally, less than 10 microns in diameter pore size is recommended for hypoallergenic use.

In addition to pore size, the fabric should also be easy to wash. Because for an allergy sufferer, it is necessary to regularly clean bedding material to eliminate all chances of dust mites and other allergens. Moreover, the blanket must retain natural softness, neatness of the stitching and warmth after frequent washing.

For people who are sensitive to chemical residues including dyes, it is highly recommended to choose cotton blankets.

Comfort & Breathability

You should never ever compromise on the comfort and breathability of the blanket. Having a good night’s sleep in an uncomfortable, noisy, and stiff is definitely impossible.

The fabric of the blanket should be soft and breathable. It should feel supple and comfortable on the skin. Some hypoallergenic fabrics feel like plastic due to the addition of an increased percentage of low-grade polyester. And this decreases their breathability and comfort level.

In addition to perfect breathability, the blanket should also be lightweight, warm and soft. An excellent hypoallergenic blanket creates a breathable yet perfectly sealed barrier against allergens.


The size of a good hypoallergenic blanket is almost six inches longer than the normally available standard blankets. As the main purpose of the hypoallergenic blanket is to provide you ultimate safety from all allergens, so better the coverage higher will be the protection level.

You can find a number of sizes, ranging from small travel size to large enough to cover a king-size bed. With the availability of a range of different sizes, you can not only use these blankets at home but can also carry them on during traveling, on car seats, and at the office.

Best Hypoallergenic Blankets For Allergies 2020

With an overwhelming number of brands offering hypoallergenic blankets, it is a bit difficult to buy the perfect one as per your requirements. To make things easy and simple for you, I have picked some of the best hypoallergenic blanket brands that will keep allergens at bay.

1. CleanRest MicronOne Down Alternative Blanket (Best For Allergies)

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CleanRest down alternative blanket is manufactured using premium polyester fiber and covered with MicronOne fabric. The plush thickness of this fabric makes it luxuriously soft, smooth, and comfortable. This blanket is sewn so that the fabric’s pore size is 1 micron, effectively blocking dust mites and allergen.

Along with keeping you warm and cozy, the blanket has remarkable elasticity. The fabric is breathable and it keeps you safe from allergens. Moreover, this blanket is washable and water-resistant. Thus it will look pleasant to the eyes and will feel comfortable on the skin for a longer period of time.

The box-stiched design adds a unique style to the blanket. It’s the perfect fit for anyone looking for an allergen-proofing blanket, without sacrificing the comfort of a conventional down blanket.

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2. Original Vellux Blanket

best hypoallergenic blankets for allergy sufferers

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Vellux Original blanket encompasses all the characteristics of the best hypoallergenic blanket. This blanket is lightweight, has a soft velvety texture and provides superb heat retention. The blanket is manufactured with 100% nylon that is rested on the foam base. The foam base provides luxurious comfort and ultimate softness.

This blanket can be easily washed in the machine. It will retain its softness even after several machine washes. For people who like colorful bedding, the Vellux blanket is available in a range of eye-popping colors. All of these colors can remarkably enhance and boost the aesthetic value of your home decor.

You can use this exceptionally comfortable blanket all around the year. This is definitely a great fit for your bedroom, but you can also put it in the living room or lounge to give a more plush look all over the house.

Most importantly hypoallergenic fabric of this blanket forms a protective layer that keeps you safe from microscopic allergens. Being one of the most trusted brands in America you can completely rely on the quality of the product.

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3. Eastland Thermal Fleece Blanket

best hypoallergenic blankets for allergy sufferers

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Eastland blanket reflects all the much-needed characteristics of a high-quality hypoallergenic blanket. First and foremost, this blanket is manufactured using microfiber material with 330 GSM (grams per square meters). This fabric is remarkably soft, warm, breathable and comfortable.

Eastland gives you a wide variety of colors in this blanket to choose from, ranging from light tones of off white and blue to vibrant plum and pink. All the colors are fade resistant. And the fabric is shrink resistant.

Exceptional thermal insulation of the blanket provides warmth to your body. Moreover, the blanket is differently textured on both sides. One side is smooth and sleek, while the other is fluffy and plush. This blanket is skin-friendly, durable and soft.

This blanket is available in four sizes including travel size (50×61 Inch), twin bed size (66×90 Inch), queen bed size (90×90 Inch), and king bed size (90×108 Inch).

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4. Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Blanket

best hypoallergenic blankets for allergy sufferers

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One of the most important qualities of any hypoallergenic blanket is its fabric. Kingole blanket is one of the best in this regard, as it is manufactured using premium quality microfiber polyester that has 350 GSM. This fabric surely protective, and is also super soft, lightweight and comfortable.

The plush texture and attractive style of this blanket give an extra edge to the overall decor of your place. Therefore, this blanket not only gives you cozy comfort and plush feel to the skin but also look stylish on any seating.

There is no limit of using this blanket on the bed only, as you can enjoy its cozy comfort wherever you want to. You can place it on the car seat, on the lounge sofa, or on the office chair. This blanket is suitable to use all around the year, as it offers just the right warmth in the spring and summers.

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5. MaxKare Electric Heated Polar Fleece Blanket

best hypoallergenic blankets for allergy sufferers

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Maxkare brand is renowned for providing distinctive tools and home essentials to bring ease and comfort in your life. They provide premium quality products in different categories including flexible heated solutions, baby care products, body relaxation tools, and home comfort.

MaxKare blanket is one of this brand’s highly appreciated product. The blanket is made using polar fleece that provides efficient heat penetration and heat retention qualities. It is available in dazzling red color that superbly adds stunning beautification to your decor.

Interestingly, the blanket provides you with four heating levels (warm, low, medium and high) controlled through a small and handy device. This gives you excellent heat therapy with auto-off timing of 10 hours.

You can choose the heating level as per your personal preference and can change it according to varying weather conditions. The power cord of this blanket is 4.5 meters long and does not interfere with your ease of mobility.

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6. Elegear Hypoallergenic Cooling Blanket

best hypoallergenic blankets for allergy sufferers

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Elegar revolutionary blanket is true to its name, as instead of increasing warmth, this blanket keeps you cool and cozy throughout the night.

This blanket is manufactured using unique Japanese Q-Max 0.4 cooling fibers that absorb your body’s heat. And after taking your nap, you get up fully rested, fresh and perspiration free. The cool comfort of this blanket is enough to let you turn the air conditioning.

Both sides of the blankets are manufactured differently. One side is made with the mix of 80% mica nylon and 20% PE fabric which makes it cool and comfortable, just perfectly breathable for hot summers. And the other side is made with 100% cotton fibers which are great for spring and autumn season.

This blanket is machine washable and does not its plush softness and warm feel. Careful stitching on the edges and corners of the blanket increases the durability of the blanket.

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The use of hypoallergenic blankets is essential for everyone, especially for allergy sufferers. Hypoallergenic blankets keep you safe from the allergens and thus reduce the probability of allergic reactions tremendously. I hope that this guide has been helpful to you.