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Suffering from sinusitis comes with a stuffy nose, cough and in serious cases, aggravated pain due to facial pressure. Having a personal steam inhaler goes a long way in keeping your sinus symptoms and pains bearable.

With steam inhalers available in different shapes and sizes, how do you pick the right one that soothes the crippling pain? As someone who’s having lingering sinus issues, which is often aggravated by dust mites, I’ve compiled a detailed list of steam inhalers and highlighted the important points you’ll need to work out before buying one.

Top Personal Steam Inhalers Compared

Product Cordless Steam Ready Time
Vicks V1200 Personal Steam Yes 5-15 minutes Check Price
Lonove Humidifier Yes 30 seconds Check Price
Crane Rechargeable Mist Steam Yes 15 minutes Check Price
NanoSteamer by Pure Daily Care No 30 minutes Check Price
MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler No 6-9 minutes Check Price
EZBASICS Humidifier Steamer No 30 seconds Check Price
Vilsure Facial Steamer No 30 seconds Check Price
KINGA Moisturizing Steamer No 30 seconds Check Price
HealthSmart Personal Steam Inhaler No 6-9 minutes Check Price
Mypurmist 2 Ultrapure No 5-15 minutes Check Price

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For People With Sinusitis 2020

1. Vicks V1200 Personal Steam Inhaler

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For Sinus

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Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler offers soothing comfort and relief when you are suffering from irritable coughing, cold, and congestion. The Steam Inhaler comes with a high-quality facemask and compatible Menthol Vicks VapoPads.

This combination of steam and Vicks VapoPads compose a superbly healing mist. Within 5 to 15 minutes of treatment with the warmth of this healing steam, you will temporarily feel relieved and comforted.

There is no need for any towel or warm cloth to concentrate the steam, as you need in the traditional method of taking steam. With the help of soft and comfy facemask, this Steam Inhaler fits perfectly on the face and provides targeted delivery of soothing mist. The Vicks Personal Steam  Inhaler is designed thoughtfully to offer targeted steam delivery to the sinus.

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler is an excellent tool for Sinus relief from common cold and congestion. Moreover, it is also beneficial to tame down other breathing problems including bronchitis, and allergies.

The portable design and easy to carry the size of this steam inhaler makes it extremely easy to move around. You can keep it in the office, at home, or you can pack it in the luggage when traveling as well.

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2. Lonove Humidifier Steamer For Sinuses

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

Lonove Facial Steamer one of the best facial steamers available in the market. The design and functional capability of this steamer are highly advanced and upgraded. In addition to being a premium quality facial steamer, you can also use this as a humidifier.

With an exceptional combination of nano-ionic technology from Atomizing Lamp and the production of negatively charged ionic particles through the sonic atomizer, this technologically advanced tool produces deeply penetrating ionic steam of water particles.

Within 30 seconds, this steamer turns clean and clear water into exceptionally powerful ionic steam. This ionic steam is 10 times more powerful and effective in targeting the skin positively, as it can remove the impurities from your skin pores, and can also improve your natural skin tone.

Despite being designed for facial steaming, this Lonove product can also be used as a steam inhaler. While it couldn’t be directly fitted onto your nose, you can breathe in the steam by placing your face around 25-30 cm from the opening.

The tiny mist of steam will help to keep your nasal pathway moisturize and reduce the sinus symptoms gradually when you’re using it daily.

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3. Crane Rechargeable Mist Steam Inhaler

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

The Warm Steam and Cool Mist Personal Inhaler by Crane is designed to offer instant relief from irritating sinuses, sore throat, nasal congestion, dry cough, cold, flu symptoms, and many other nasal and throat issues by hydrating the nasal passages.

Using the option of multi-temperature setting, you can choose Low/ High levels for both warm and cool mist.

For added relief and soothing comfort from nasal congestion or irritation, you can use Crane Vapor Pads HS-1948. These vapor pads are specifically crafted by blending methanol, lemon, eucalyptus oil, and peppermint oil in suitable proportions.

A single session of treatment requires only  15 minutes, and the inhaler turns off automatically after completion of the process. The inhaler comes with a complete guide to set it up and use. Plus, you get 10 fl. oz bottle of inhaler water as well. It is not necessary to use the inhaler water only, you can add drinking water too.

The design, size, and weight of the warm steam and cool mist personal inhaler make it easy to use, and carry around. It fits perfectly well on the palm of your hand, and its cordless options make it immensely easy to travel with. Moreover, you get a water-resistant travel bag with this inhaler as well.

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4. NanoSteamer by Pure Daily Care

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

The Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer is one of the best selling facial steamer and humidifier right now. And that is because of its highly efficient nano-ionic steam. It’s also serving well as a personal steam inhaler.

Its steam-generating mechanism uses a new sonic vaporizer that produces nano steam of negatively charges ionic particles. The penetrating power of this nano steam within the skin is 10 times efficient than the regular steamers.

This device doubles up as a steam inhaler and helps people struggling with sinusitis. As the mist starts forming barely a minute from turning on the device, you can get the much-needed relief for your sinus almost instantly.

Remember to maintain some gap between your face and the steamer, as it could get pretty hot. Alternatively, you could trap the steam by holding a towel over your head and breathe in the mist that’s produced.

For everyone who gets irritated by the noisy equipment, this will be an amazing device as it is noiseless during the process. Moreover, it’s running time is 30 minutes long and you can manage this time as per your preference.

NanoSteamer is a multifunctional device, with the capability of performing three functions. It can work as a facial steamer, humidifier for your room, and it also comes with an extra chamber to warm towels.

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5. MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

MABIS personal steam inhaler efficiently relieves the symptoms of flu, cough, common cold, sore throat, laryngitis, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, and other alike respiratory tract problems. One of the most exciting and unique features of this inhaler is the presence of an Aromatherapy tank.

By adding pleasantly fragrant essential oils in the aromatherapy tank, you can enjoy your steaming session in the presence of beautiful scents.

This inhaler by MABIS allows you to control the pressure of the steam using a sliding “Variable Steam Control”. Inhalation of this steam helps in clearing your respiratory tract and throat, thus significantly relieving the irritation.

In addition to clearing the sinuses, the steam inhaler also cleanses pores and removes debris. For perfectly targeted delivery of the steam, there is a soft and flexible mask attached at the end. This mask helps you fit your mouth and nose appropriately to receive the steam.

This Personal Steam Inhaler also features a 5-foot long power cord. This 5-foot long cord allows you to easily move the device over within the room. Moreover, this personal steam inhaler works noiselessly.

There is an indicator light at the bottom of the Steam Inhaler that shows that the device is powered on/ off.

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6. EZBASICS Humidifier Steamer

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

EZBASICS Nano Ionic Facial Steamer is one of the bestselling steamers that saves you time, money, and consecutive trips to spa and salon. This technically upgraded device offers simple and natural treatment to relieve your sinuses, soothe and relax your eyes, and cleanse your skin.

This steamer converts water vapors into nano ionic particles which have 10 times higher ability to penetrate in the skin than basic steam. Within just 30 seconds of turning this teamer on, you will get this precise nano ionic steam. And within 10 minutes of processing, you will feel relaxed and comforted.

The warm and streamlined mist of nano ionic particles affects tremendously in relieving sinuses. It helps clear your throat, and reduce the symptoms of respiratory problems. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to make the experience pleasurable.

Moreover, EZBASICS Nano Ionic Facial Steamer acts as an excellent tool for relaxing your eye muscles.

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7. Vilsure Facial Steamer For Sinus

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

Vilsure Nano Ionic Moisturizing Face Steamer is a powerful tool for effective sinus relief, and efficient deep hydration of the skin. The fine mist of warm nano steam along with ionized water particles powerfully target the sinuses and offer effective relief from cough, cold, flu, and other respiratory issues.

The steamer produces warm mist by combining a heating element with an ultrasonic vaporizer. This mist produce is 10 times more proficient in its working efficiency than the regular steam.

Within 30 seconds of turning on the steamer, it will produce an enormous amount of warm mist. The output channel of the steam is wide enough to cover your whole face, thus giving you an excellent spa treatment in the cozy environment of your home.

Spa aside, the steam generated by the device also offers relief for sinus issues. The mist will keep your nasal pathway moisturize and ease the pressure that’s building up on the sinuses. To ensure the mists are concentrated at the front of your face, you can cover your head with a towel.

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8. KINGA Moisturizing Steamer

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

KINGA Facial Steamer offers dual treatments, one is cleansing the skin and the other is relieving the sinuses from respiratory issues temporarily. It is a small and compact device that efficiently helps you in getting rid of irritating sinus issues, and also improve your skin’s health.

The shape, design, size, and weight of KINGA Facial Steamer make it easy to use and carry around from one place to another. You can use it in the bedroom, living room or the bathroom conveniently.

In addition to having a portable and compact design, the material of this steamer is sturdy and durable, making it a perfect pick for tough users.

The facial steamer comes with a set of 5 different tools. These tools replicate the functions of the same tools as available at any spa. These tools will help you in the removal of blackheads, removing the dirt, and opening the pores.

This is very quick and easy to use. Within 30 seconds or less of turning it on, the steamer will start producing warm mist. If you are suffering from the common cold, flu, or any other respiratory or throat problems, this warm mist will ease your irritation effectively.

With a sleek design and a steaming temperature that’s not too hot, you’ll find the device helpful in offering relief to sinus issues.

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9. HealthSmart Personal Steam Inhaler for Kids

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

The HealthSmart personal steam inhaler is specifically designed to cater to kids. The shape, size, and design of the steam inhaler are cute and attractive for the kids. And most importantly, within 6 to 9 minutes of steaming, your kid will feel relief from the symptoms of flu, colds, sinusitis, allergies, sore throat, or any such problem.

Creating a fun element while providing proficient steaming and humidification processing, this steam inhaler is shaped like a cute little dog. And on the back of the dog, the adjustable and extendable tube is attached that produces warm mist.

The adjustable tube allows you to select the size of particles of the steam. Small particles of the steam are recommended to inhale from the nose; whereas large particles are suggested to be inhaled through the mouth.

Within a few minutes of inhaling this soothing and steady steam, your kid will experience betterment in both nasal and throat problems.

There is a soft, and comfortable face mask attached at the end of the tube, which allows targeted steaming to the nose or mouth.

At the bottom of this cute dog, there is an aromatherapy tank. In this tank, you can add a few drops of any pleasantly fragrant essential oil to make the steaming enjoyable.

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10. Mypurmist 2 Ultrapure Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler

Best Personal Steam Inhalers For SinusCheck Price

Mypurmist 2 Ultrapure Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler smoothly sends off quick micro-mist to your sinuses and throat. You will instantly experience 100% humidity through your airways, thus relieving you from all your sinuses and throat related irritations.

Frequent use of a personal steam inhaler will eliminate all signs and symptoms of flu, common cold, allergies, sinusitis, sore throat or any such respiratory issue.

Mypurmist 2 Ultrapure Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler, in particular, is more effective in doing so because the steam it produces is 99.9999% germ-free. Truly living up to its name Ultrapure, this steam inhaler direct pure, clean and germ-free steam to your sinuses.

On top of that, with the presence of a medical-grade HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) purifier, the steam gets purified even more.

The facemask is free from harmful latex, and phthalates. It feels smooth, soft and comfortable on the skin. Plus, it is washable and replaceable as well.

This Personal steam inhaler is superbly convenient to use. It comes with a global power supply plug that can be used anywhere. The size and shape of the steam inhaler are portable and compact. Just take it in the hand, plug it in, adjust the temperature as per your preference; and you are all ready to experience fine warm mist.

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The Science of a Steam Inhaler

There are two types of steam inhalers. The most common ones are those used to relieve congestion that is as a result of colds or the flu and also reverses the effects of allergies. The other type of steam inhalers is primarily used in the treatment of skin. In this second type, steam is useful in opening up one’s pores, making them easy to cleanout. They are a more natural approach to the treatments they help with.

Most steam inhalers work in the exact same way. They can actually be used by anyone anywhere. It does not matter whether you are a senior citizen or a parent with kids. That’s right, kids can use it too.

How do they work?

The process of using one involves pouring cold water into a chamber, then plugging your inhaler into a power socket. You need to allow the water to boil to the extent of producing steam. The steam that is produced is then inhaled through the device’s mouthpiece.

What medical experts say about steam inhalers

Steam therapy is a treatment that involves the inhalation of water vapor. It might just be one of the most preferred home remedies for people suffering from blockage around the nasal passages. It is helpful in relieving colds or sinus infection among other complications.

According to medical experts, steam inhalation does not exactly cure infections such as the flu or even a cold. That is because it does not kill the virus that is responsible for these conditions. However, its use will to an extent help you feel a lot better while your body fights the specific complication. They also recommend that before you incorporate the use of a steam inhaler, you get to learn how best to use it so that you do not cause yourself any harm.

Benefits of a steam inhaler

These devices help in a variety of ways. Some of the benefits of steam therapy include that it:

  • Relieves stress. The air instantly gives you that feeling of relaxation, especially when used in aromatherapy. Here essential oils are incorporated
  • Helps in the elimination of toxins from one’s body
  • Facilitates ease in breathing.
  • Improves circulation in the muscles thus relaxing them while reducing pain
  • Opens your pores and rejuvenates your skin. After the process, your pores will feel tighter and clearer
  • Helps improve the quality of one’s sleep
  • Helps improve circulation that could subsequently relieve one from migraines and headaches
  • Is helpful in the relief of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma

Sinuses or sinusitis is one of those conditions that affect the quality of your sleep. It is as a result of swelling or inflammation in the nasal cavities. The condition can be quite uncomfortable for the sufferer and others around them.

Steam inhaler can help people with this condition. When they inhale the moisture, it helps thin the mucus that is found in the sinuses. This results in their emptying with more ease. It then allows the individual’s breathing to go back to normal for a short amount of time.

How to choose a steam inhaler

While steam inhalers are very useful and generally easy to use, they work differently and can give different results. It is therefore important to consider a number of factors to ensure the one you purchase suits and meets your needs.

When buying a steam inhaler, consider the following factors:


The steam inhaler you go for should be reliable. This means you should pick one that will perform its function for a long time without giving you problems. It should work whenever you’re in need of it without any failures. It should be powerful enough to maximize the benefits of the kind of treatment you are after.

In case you would like to use it for aromatherapy, it needs to meet your needs as well. Therefore, go for one that has two chambers, one to hold the water and the other to hold essential oils so that you are not disappointed. If you need one for steaming your pores or for a range of beauty treatments, yours should allow for this.


When choosing a steam inhaler, it is worth going for one that can be easily moved from one place to another. One that will allow you to travel with it easily. That way, whenever you need to make use of it to improve your nasal passage and relieve symptoms of flu or cold in a new environment, it is there with you.

It should be light and usable even in public without drawing too much attention towards you. One that allows for rechargeable batteries is a good one to go for as you will not have to keep buying more batteries to replace the ones that no longer function. It’s even better when the rechargeable batteries can be charged using a USB. Also, pick one that has lower power consumption so that you can carry it around more.


Durability refers to the ability of an item or a machine to withstand wear or damage. When it comes to the make of steam inhalers, a lot of manufacturers prefer using plastic, although there are some made of aluminum.

This is because plastic is often very sturdy and does not rust. However, when shopping for one for yourself, remember that some get damaged faster than others. They are usually more susceptible to chipping or even worse, breaking. For that reason, it is worth going through customer reviews of different steam inhalers. They will give you an idea of how long the one you are thinking of purchasing will last. In any case, aluminum steam inhalers, compared to plastic ones, last longer.

Ease of use

Have you ever bought a machine that took you an extremely long time to understand how to set up? It can be quite an inconvenience.

That’s why you need to go for a steam inhaler with simple controls and user manuals that contain step by step instructions on how to operate them. Always consider how long the steam inhaler’s power cord is and the check design of the unit.

Ensure it fits in your hand properly; otherwise, it will give you a hard time. It should also be easy to use for a variety of treatments and should give you little or no problems in cleaning. Some can run on batteries while others use power. Some may come with timer settings. That way, you know how long it will take to get your preferred steam intensity.


In most cases, steam inhalers will come in a size that is small enough to carry. Some can even fit in one’s pocket. It’s usually better to pick the ones that are low in weight as these are more convenient.

However, you should be keen when it comes to the size of the tank. Remember, a smaller tank requires frequent refilling compared to a larger one.


You should ensure you check the construction of the steam inhaler you go for. This is for your own safety. For example, some have masks that are made from latex. As such, if you are allergic to latex, you want to keep away from such a model.

You also need to remember that the use of a steam inhaler involves hot water and steam. These could actually cause burns, mild or severe ones. As such you need to be very cautious. Therefore, you should opt for steam inhalers that have a temperature control function so that you do not get burnt. Note that the safest steam inhalers to go for are the aluminum and the hospital-grade ones.

If you have kids, you probably want to go for a steam inhaler that is child-friendly. It needs to be safe enough and they should be able to use it with minimal supervision.

Steam control (adjustable/fix)

When you are using a steam inhaler, the steam usually originates from the mouthpiece. Some of these units have an adjustable fix. These allow you to control the level of steam to suit your preference. That said, you should remember that when the setting on the steam control is higher, your tank will run out of the water faster. When it comes to steam control, you can always choose between thick steam or go for that gentle flow.


Your budget is perhaps the most important consideration when purchasing a steam inhaler or any other machine you need to have.

There are a variety of steam inhalers available in the market. They all come in different models and features. As such, they fall under different price ranges. It is therefore important to keep in mind how much you are ready and willing to spend on one. Look carefully into the features you need so that you buy one that will satisfy your needs, in other words, one that gives value for your money.

Bottom Line

People struggling with sinus problems know how disruptive they are to daily lifestyle. Hopefully, you’ve found a handy portable steam inhaler that helps to reduce the pressure building up in the sinuses.