One of the best ways in removing dust mites at home is steam cleaning. But, just how true is the claim? Is it an urban myth or is it proven beyond doubts?

Here, you’ll have all your questions answered regarding steam cleaners’ role in dust mite control.

How does Steam cleaning work?

Steam cleaning works by applying vaporized water of high temperature to clean rugs, carpets, beddings, and other surfaces. Steam cleaners are the machines that use this cleaning system. It is a simple yet supremely efficient approach.

  • The steam cleaner has a container where clean water is poured.
  • A steam cleaner uses a heating element to boil the water at exceptionally high temperatures and produce steam.
  • The steam is directed towards the nozzle or hose at the end. The cleaning tool attached to this nozzle steam clean the surface.

Fact Check: Some people think that extensive cleaning may be damaging to the home essentials. And that is untrue when it comes to cleaning with steam cleaners. Steam cleaning does not involve any sort of harsh chemicals such as used in cleaners and shampoos, so this technique is safe to use and not harmful at all. On top of it, steam cleaning thoroughly sterilizes all the carpets, bedding materials, and rugs from pollutants.

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Dust Mites?

Yes, steam cleaning effectively works in getting rid of house dust mites. Dust mites perish when exposed to a temperature beyond 55°C (131°F). The vapor produced by a steamer exceeds that.

Several scientific studies have confirmed the positive impact of steam cleaning on the removal of house dust mites. A study conducted in Glasgow, UK showed that in the studied period of 4 months, no live dust mite was found on the steam cleaned carpets. Overall, steam cleaning considerably controlled the production and growth of house dust mites.

Similarly, in another study conducted at the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice, Missouri concluded that steam vapor treatment is found tremendously effective in reducing the house dust mite population as compared to other cleaning methods.

Research has demonstrated that the steam cleaning method is better than other cleaning methods that use chemicals. Because steam cleaning is not only considerably more effective than the chemical cleaning method but is also not harsh as well.

Does Steam Cleaning Denature Dust Mite Allergen?

Steam cleaning is an efficient way of clearing all sorts of surfaces of your home from dust mite allergens. Scientific researches have shown that steam cleaning not only gets rid of dust mites but also denatures dust mite allergens.

Researchers at Ohio State University, Columbus specifically studied the effect of steam cleaning on the American house dust mites. The study revealed that the technique exceptionally reduced the population of house dust mites allergens and other allergens from the household items.

Carpets and mattresses are two of the most favorite places to house dust mites. And steam cleaning has been proved immensely efficient and effective in getting rid of dust mite allergens from all such cozy places.

How To Steam Clean Dust-Mite Infested Items?

Keeping your home clean is the topmost important thing to do in getting rid of house dust mites. To steam clean your dust mite-infested items, check which type of floor your cleaner support.

Moreover, steam cleaners come with different accessories to be used on different surfaces. Follow the instructions written on the manual to heat the water and then use it on the item.

Choose the right type of steamer for the job. Handheld steamers work best for the mattress while canister steam cleaners and steam mops are better for floors.

For clothes, consider using a steam press iron, which will be equally effective in killing dust mites.