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You’ve probably stumbled across the face masks that go by the brand Vogmask. It’s unmistakably stylish and colorful made it hard to miss on retail sites. But if you’re getting a face mask for dust and allergies, is Vogmask a practical solution in spite of its stylish construct?

In this review, you’ll get to know what matters when choosing a face mask and if Vogmask has what it takes to block microparticles that cause allergies and asthma. Not all face masks work equally in preventing fine particles from entering your respiratory system. Some may not be efficient in blocking fine particles.

About The Vogmask Brand

Vogmask was founded in 2011, as a brand that transforms conventional face masks into fashionable respirator masks. Its modern and stylish designs have quickly captured the attention of the public, and today, Vogmask has gone international in 41 countries.

Despite featuring modern style, Vogmask is designed to offer protection from microparticles like dust, allergens, smoke, germs, molds, and other potential contaminants. Vogmask’s face mask is designed to offer protection against PM2.5 particles, which refers to matters that are 2.5 micrometers in diameter or lesser.

The San Fransisco company adheres to a strict manufacturing procedure, which includes extensive testing for the material and end-product. Quality and functionality of the face masks are a top priority and Vogmask is always improvising on its respiratory masks.

Vogmask Construct and Material

Vogmask is nothing like the typical surgery mask. If anything, putting on Vogmask reminds me of characters like SubZero from Mortal Kombat. But beneath its fantasy-like design, Vogmask is carefully constructed to offer comfort and filtration to users.

Each Vogmask features a two-layer design with the filtration medium fitted between the outer layers. The outer layers are either made of microfiber or organic cotton. The filtration medium consists of an N95 mesh filter and a layer of activated carbon textile derived from coconut shell ash.

N95 is a filtration standard that is guaranteed to block 95% of PM2.5 particles from passing through. If you’re experiencing air pollution from a forest fire, an N95 mask is effective against the ultra-fine particles that escaped typical surgical masks.

The mask is sewn with a pair of latex-free spandex ear loop that stretches to fit the wearer. Each design of Vogmasks is available in a few sizes and if you’re concerned that the ear loop does not fit, you can get the head strap accessory.

There are 3 types of Vogmasks by design and material.

  • VMCV – Microfiber with one exhale valve
  • VM Organic – Organic cotton layered mask without any exhale valves.
  • VM2CV Organic – Organic cotton Vogmask with 2 exhale valves.

Vogmask is washable by rising it with water and you can use the mask for up to 6 months before a replacement is needed.

Vogmask Exhale Valves – What Do They Do?

If you browse through the extensive choices from Vogmask, you’ll notice that some masks are designed with round black-colored valves. These are valves that help to remove moisture and Co2 from the mask.

Some Vogmasks are fitted with one exhale valve while others have a couple of them for the same reasons for displacing moisture. Here’s one that features two exhale valves.

Of course, if you’re comfortable without the exhale valves, Vogmask does offer respiratory masks that come without, such as this Organic Blue Vogmask. 

Vogmask: Organic Vs Microfiber

Typically, Vogmask is made of either organic cotton or microfiber. The question is, which one is the best fit for you? Both microfiber and natural cotton do not influence the efficiency of the mask, as it is the inner filter that blocks those particles.

If you are not fussy on the material, you can opt for either one. Some people prefer microfiber Vogmask as it feels less fluffy, but if you’re allergic to synthetic fiber, your only choice is to go for the cotton-made Vogmask. A cotton-based Vogmask is identified by the tag ‘organic’ in its product name.

What About Vogmask N99?

You may have come across some Vogmask being labeled as N99 at online retail sites. N99 refers to the capability of the filter to block 99% of PM2.5 particles. There are respiratory masks that are N99 graded.

However, if you happen to come across a Vogmask claimed to be N99, you’ll want to check out the product specs thoroughly. As far as I’m aware, Vogmask uses N95 filters and not N99. N95 blocks 95% of microparticles of 2.5 microns and below, which works well to block out most pollutants and harmful gasses.

When shopping for Vogmask, always check out the specs from the manufacturer. Sometimes, the term N99 can be misleading.

Do Vogmask Neutralize Odors?

Vogmask is not all about blocking particles like pollen, dust mites, and other allergens from being inhaled. If you’re annoyed by foul odors or secondhand smoke, putting on the Vogmask spare you the agony.

Besides the N95 filter, each Vogmask features an activated carbon fabric. The carbon will react with the odor particles and neutralize the scent. Vogmask’s odor-blocking capability is so effective that you’ll immediately feel the difference when removing the mask.

Does Vogmask Filter Out Viruses?

One of the common questions raised is whether Vogmask is effective in protecting against viruses, particularly flu. It is known that N95 masks are certified to block 95% of PM2.5 particles but is it effective for viruses?

A study in Hong Kong involving 407 participants has shown that surgical mask is effective to reduce the spread of influenza viruses. Typical surgical facemask offers lower filter protection than N95 masks.

As Vogmask is N95-rated, it is fair to state that it offers reasonable protection against the flu virus. However, it is important to note that different types of viruses may have different sizes. In another study, it is found that the penetration rate of viruses measuring 10nm – 80 nm may exceed the 5% threshold.

When Should You Wear Vogmask?

The N95 filtration makes Vogmask a great choice for people who are suffering from dust allergies. It works well to keep tiny specks of dust from triggering allergy symptoms. But Vogmask is made to be more versatile than merely dust protection.

With its stylish design, you could wear Vogmask when you’re heading outdoor if you’re living in cities where the air is filled with pollutants. If you can’t bear second-hand smoke, having a Vogmask ready is also helpful.

Some air travelers are spotted wearing Vogmask because it keeps the air moisturized in the airplane. Besides keeping dry air from hurting your throat, wearing Vogmast while traveling reduce the risk of being exposed to air contaminants.


With style and effectiveness, Vogmask offers reliable protection if you’re struggling with allergies. The difference in blocking tiny particles from entering your respiratory can mean lesser episodes of sneezing, stuffed noses, or other symptoms.

Hopefully, this review has been helpful in understanding the finer details of Vogmask.

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