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People who are sensitive to airborne allergens such as house dust mites, pollen, and pollutants; always strive to find useful remedies to keep themselves safe from these allergens. Nasal filters are one of the best options that restrict the entrance of harmful allergens like dust mites inside your nasal cavity. The filters tremendously reducing the chances of allergic reactions.

What Are Nasal Filters And How Do They Work

Nasal filter, as the name indicates, filter the inhaled air. Thus, the air that passes through your sinuses is free from dust mite allergens, dust particles, pollen, and other allergens. Nasal filters are introduced recently, and with their phenomenal filtration capability, they have been proved exceptionally beneficial for numerous people.

These filters are especially useful for people who are sensitive to any kind of airborne allergens. Other than that, in today’s world of excessive pollution, using nasal filters can remarkably reduce the inhalation of all kinds of pollutants.

As for their functions, nasal filters purify the air you inhale and protect the nasal mucous membrane from getting in contact with the allergens. This mucous membrane is the major part of the nose where the allergic reaction takes place.

The nasal filters are specifically designed to perfectly fit inside your nostrils without causing any irritation. While being exceptionally beneficial, these filters are superbly comfortable to wear s well.

Can Nasal Filters Protect Against Dust Mites?

The nasal filter is an incredibly effective product to keep yourself safe against dust, dust mites, and all sorts of allergens.

Commonly, just the medication doesn’t work efficiently enough to treat and control the allergic reaction and its symptoms. Hence, other aids such as nasal filters are required to render the allergy from worsening, and also to guard the sinus against future allergic reactions.

Nasal filters are highly effective in reducing the symptoms of nasal allergies. Danish researchers showed that wearing nasal filters reduced major allergic symptoms, including throat irritation, itching, and sneezing. Moreover, these filters feel comfortable and pose no noteworthy side effects.

In addition to medication, these well tolerable, invisible, easily worn, and exceptionally proficient nasal filters can act as a significant aid against dust mites, microbes, and other allergens.

How To Use A Nasal Filter?

Using a nasal filter is very easy. Most of the nasal filters basically need inserting in each nostril and fit perfectly. Both filters are connected with a thin connector or come separately. The ones that come separately simply adhere to each nostril.

Both types of nasal filters are breathable and prevent the entrance of the allergens efficiently. Always check our the instructions on the back of their packaging for optimum usage.

Choosing Nasal Filters For Allergies

In order to take the utmost advantage of the nasal filters, it is extremely important to check certain characteristics of this product. The following are some of the most important qualities that good nasal filters must possess.

  • Manufactured using a breathable material
  • Easy to wear
  • Feel comfortable
  • Safe for the skin
  • Availability in a range of sizes
  • Highly efficient in reducing the exposure to house dust mites and other allergens

So, before buying nasal filters, do check if the product is equipped with all these qualities.

Best Nasal Filters For Allergies 2020

Finding perfectly fitting, comfortable, invisible, and efficiently-working nasal filters definitely seem like a difficult task. Especially when you are trying to do it for the first time.

To make things easier for you, here I have picked four of the most reliable and highly recommended brands of nasal filters. You can confidently pick any of the below without having a hint of doubt about their efficiency.

1. First Defense Nasal Screens

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First Defense nasal screens or filters tick all the boxes for being a great product to aid allergy-sensitive people. These filters are manufactured using extremely comfortable material that is 100% breathable and safe for the skin as well.

The latex-free nasal filters restrict the entrance of airborne allergens inside the nasal passage. These filters work efficiently well in protecting your mucous membrane from pollen, dust particles, microbes, smoke, dust mite allergens, and other pollutants and allergens. This is an all-natural product that feels supple and light.

2. Woody Knows Nasal Masks

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Nasal filter or mask by Woody Knows is a premium quality product that comes with all the necessary instructions. Woody Knows offers two shapes of nasal filters, one is slotted, and the other is round. This gives you a choice to pick the most accurate one as per your own nose shape. Moreover, the filters are available in three different sizes, small, medium and large.

These nasal filters are made with activated carbon material that is covered with protective layers of two catalysts. On the whole, these nasal filters provide extraordinary protection against smog, vehicle exhaust, smoke, dust mite allergens, microbes, and also from bad smell.


3. NOSK Nasal Filter

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The nasal filters by NOSK provide exceptional protection from all types of allergens, including dust mites, pollutants, and pollen. The designing of this filter is thoughtfully done to create a perfect fit product for your nose. Plus, the filters are easy and comfortable to wear.

The packaging comes with a thorough guideline of assembly instructions, and the correct way of wearing the nasal filters. There are three sizes (S, M, L) of these nasal filters available. You can choose any size as per the size of your nasal cavity.


4. EKOmask Reusable Nose Filter

Best Nasal Filters For Dust Mites AllergiesCheck Price

Nasal filters by Ekomask offer a highly proficient alternative to nasal sprays and medication. These filters work electrostatically and protect your nasal cavity effectively from airborne allergens. These are also designed in two shapes, round and slotted.

Interestingly, these nasal filters are reusable for a couple of times. Just thoroughly clean them under the running water or rinse with 70% alcohol, and these will be good to use again. In addition to their excellent functioning, these filters feel extremely comfortable to wear. This product is economical and works perfectly well.


Personally, nasal filters have been a great help whether dealing with dust mites allergies or external pollutants. I’ll make sure that I stocked a few even when I’m not having a bad day with the allergens.