When dust mites are causing all sorts of health problems, you’ll want to get rid of them fast. Often, the key to killing dust mites can be found in some common household products, such as hydrogen peroxide.

But is hydrogen peroxide effective in killing dust mites? Here are what I’ve found after an in-depth study.

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

The term hydrogen peroxide refers to the bonding of two hydrogen and oxygen molecules, resulting in the composition of H2O2. It is a chemical often used for its antiseptic properties.

Hydrogen peroxide is known to be an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. It can be applied to minor cuts or used as a mouth rinse for symptoms like gingivitis.

However, it must be stressed that only highly-diluted hydrogen peroxide is helpful in treating minor wounds as strong concentration of the chemical can have the opposite effect.

You’ll find that hydrogen peroxide is often diluted to 3% in household products. The same chemical is also known to have a bleaching effect, although its weaker than agents like chlorine bleach.

As bleach is known as an effective compound in killing dust mites, the similar property also suggests that hydrogen peroxide is capable of doing so.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Really Kill Dust Mites?

The words that go around are that hydrogen peroxide is effective in killing dust mites. However, there are no studies that observe the effect of the antiseptic solution and the mortality rate of the microscopic pests.

One study conducted in Germany uses a hydrogen peroxide solution as part of the washing agent in the experiment. Together with benzyl benzoate, the population of dust mites in carpets decreases after repeated treatment.

Japanese researchers studying the effect of bleach activator in killing dust mites has found that hydrogen peroxide increases the bactericidal effect in the study. The same group of researchers also suggested that the chemical may also provide a superior miticidal effect.

As the hydrogen peroxide is also recognized by the USDA as an effective disinfectant, it’s safe to presume that the chemical helps in eliminating dust mites.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Trigger Side Effects?

While hydrogen peroxide is a considerably mild chemical, some people may experience redness and skin irritations when exposed to the chemical.

It’s rare to experience serious complications when exposed to hydrogen peroxide, but do seek medical advice if you’re feeling dizzy or severe allergic symptoms.

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Killing Dust Mites?

Hydrogen peroxide is a highly unstable chemical. Exposure to sunlight will cause the chemical bond to disintegrate. Therefore, you should always ensure hydrogen peroxide is stored in opaque containers.

As for killing dust mites, you can spray hydrogen peroxide on mattresses or fabric items that you suspect are infested with dust mites.

You can also add a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the laundry to kill dust mites in the clothes. While hydrogen peroxide is helpful in removing the stubborn stain on clothes, it also leaves some yellow-colored stain on its own.

Here’s a quick method to remove the stain caused by hydrogen peroxide, but you’ll want to take this into consideration before using it for laundry.

IMPORTANT: Never mix hydrogen peroxide with chlorine bleach, ammonia or vinegar, as they could produce harmful gasses.

Getting A Commercial Hydrogen Peroxide Product

If you need a recommendation on commercial hydrogen product, here are a few top-rated ones.

1. Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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If you need a bottle of hydrogen peroxide that works well on dust mites and is free from toxic substances, Essential Oxygen is the brand to look for.

It is non-GMO certified and it’s safe to be used on food preparation as well. What’s important is that this bottle of hydrogen peroxide is food-grade and is safe on children and pets.


2. Lysol Bleach-Free Hydrogen Peroxide

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Lysol, popular for its range of disinfectants, also offers hydrogen peroxide solution. The spray contains no harsh chemical and it’s safe to be used around kids and pets.

Besides dust mites, Lysol claims that the hydrogen peroxide is also effective in killing a range of viruses and bacterias.

3. Solimo Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solutions Spray

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These bottles of hydrogen peroxide by Solimo are marketed as anti-septic sprays but they will also serve well in neutralizing dust mites in your home.

Each bottle contains 10 oz of 3% dilution hydrogen peroxide. The brand also offers larger bottles of hydrogen peroxide that goes well for laundry.


Is Hydrogen Peroxide The Best Option In Killing Dust Mites?

The fact that hydrogen peroxide is a greener approach in killing dust mites is appealing. But there are still concerns about the side effects caused when swallowed or skin exposure even with mild dilution.

Also, I’m disturbed by the fact that minor yellow-staining may occur from hydrogen peroxide. I’ll say that hydrogen peroxide solutions are a good option in killing dust mites, but so are these dust mite sprays.