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Dust mites are microscopic bugs that cause mild to a lethal allergic reaction in sensitive people. House dust mites thrive exponentially in warm bedding products and spread harmful allergens. There are special anti-mite bedding available in the market that restricts the penetration of dust mites and reduce allergies. These anti-mite bedding products can keep you safe from the harms of dust mites, spores, microbes, and all other allergens.

Dust Mites Presence in Bedroom

The bedroom is a hotspot for the growth of dust mites and the spread of allergens. Most houses in the US have detectable amounts of dust mite allergens in the bedding products. A used mattress can have millions of dust mites inside.

Dust mites thrive in a warm and moist environment, and that makes all the bedding products exceptional spot for dust mites growth. Moreover, these tiny creatures eat skin flakes (both pets and humans), and the bedding products are loaded with them. Hence, it is vital to have hypoallergenic bedding products to remain guarded against dust mites, microbes, and other allergens.

Bedding Materials That Prevent Dust Mites Growth 

The easiest and most common method to block the dust mites and allergens is to physically restrain them through anti-mites covers. There are several brands available in the market which provide hypoallergenic or anti-mites bedding products.

However, a good fabric is the one that has the ability to stop the penetration of dust mites, microbes, dust particles, dander, and other allergens, have a pore size between 2-10 microns, and also have appropriate air permeability.

Clinical studies have shown that tightly woven fabric with extremely small pore size and unwoven plastic fabric can prevent dust mite penetration. But loosely woven, film-coated, and pesticide coated fabrics are dust mites permeable.

Normal cotton fabric does not provide any blockage for dust mites, spores, and allergens. This is because the pore size of the cotton fabric is between 102 microns to more than 1000 microns. And this makes it breathability high, but dust mites blockage zero.

Thus, if you are sensitive to even dust particles let alone dust mites and other allergens, it is highly recommended to avoid using bedding products made of plain cotton. People who are sensitive to dust mites, spores, and other allergens should use bedding products manufactured using hypoallergenic, tightly woven material.

Best Bedding For Dust Mites Allergies 2020

It’s hard to put together the perfect combination of anti-dust mites beddings when there are so many options available. This list that covers possibly every bedding items will be handy in reducing dust mites allergies.

1. Pillow Bedding For Dust Mites Allergies Buy At Coop Home Goods

Having a comfortably squishy, and perfectly supportive pillow is a must to get relaxed sleep. Both too hard and too soft pillows can cause pain in your back, neck, and shoulder. Moreover, a pillow is one of the most favorite habitats for dust mites, so it is necessary to get hypoallergenic pillows.

Coop Home Goods is one of the most renowned brands to fulfill your bedding solutions. The premium quality, adjustable, and hypoallergenic pillows from Coop Home Goods are loaded with all the essential qualities.

These pillows are manufactured in the finest facility in Los Angeles. With the ease of adjustability and comfortable support to your neck, head, and shoulders, these pillows keep you guarded against any sort of pain. Plus, with the hypoallergenic fabric, you keep away from dust mites and other allergens.

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2. Pillowcase

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Pillowcase or pillow protectors provide incredible safety from dust mites, bugs, microbes, and other allergens. A hypoallergenic pillow protector around the pillow act as premises that restrict the entry of harmful bed bugs.

In this regard, Allersoft pillow protectors are specifically known for finest quality, premium designing, and maximum protection from allergens. These pillowcases are fully zippered thus making your pillow completely enclosed from the harmful bugs.

Allersoft pillowcases are manufactured using 100% breathable fabric ensuring balanced temperature, softness, and comfort. It is better to opt pillowcases made of breathable cotton fabric rather than those made with plastic-like material.

The pore size of the fabric is 3-4 microns, which is enough to efficiently restrict dust mites and allergens. Moreover, the quality of each protector is checked in the lab to ensure its allergen protecting characteristics.

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3. Mattress

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A superbly comfortable, soft, perfectly supportive, and reasonably firm mattress is extremely important to have soothing sleep. Linenspa mattress is enriched with all the much-needed qualities of a mattress.

Linenspa is among the best in the business right now. Their mattresses are intelligently designed and manufactured by combining memory foam with a medium-firm base. The lining of soft memory foam comfort your body at the pressure points, and you feel relaxed and relieved.

No matter what your sleeping position is, the medium-firm mattress perfectly balances your body posture. The mattress is pleasingly finished with a comfy knit cover that not only looks beautiful but also feels comfortable. Linenspa mattress is a perfect pick for those who are looking for quality with affordability.

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4. Mattress Cover

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As a mattress is one of the most favorite places of dust mites to reside, lay eggs, and spread allergens, it is essential to properly cover your mattress to keep it safe from dust mites. For this, mattress covers or mattress encasements work perfectly.

Mattress encasement by Hospitology Products- sleep defense system is manufactured with hypoallergenic fabric and completely blocks dust mites, spores, bugs, and other allergens. This mattress cover is zippered and completely encloses the mattress from all sides.

It is made of superbly comfortable, soft, stretchable, and breathable fabric. With the full enclosure of your mattress with this cover, you will remain safe from allergic reactions caused by dust mites and other allergens.

Moreover, this mattress cover is tested in the lab to be waterproof. So, in case of any spillage, the fluid will not ruin the mattress. This mattress cover is a perfect choice for people who have pets and kids.

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5. Comforter 

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A good quality, supple, warm and comfortable comforter is direly needed to have a relaxed sleep. And for people who are sensitive to allergens, a hypoallergenic comforter is a must-have. Dust mites love to reside in temperate, cozy environment and comforter can be the best place for them as a habitat.

A hypoallergenic comforter such as a premium quality LUCID alternative comforter is manufactured with a microfiber fabric shell that keeps your bedding safe from dust mites, bugs, and allergens.

LUCID provides excellent quality comforters that are ultra-soft, cozy and comfortable. And most importantly, these comforters are the best choice for people having allergies due to dust mites. You can use this comforter all year long, in every season. It is designed with the box-stitch pattern, which perfectly maintains its fluffiness and keeps the filling of the microfibers in place.

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6. Mattress Topper

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Linenspa offers an exceptional range of bedding products, and premium quality mattress toppers are one of them. Mattress toppers perfectly hug the curves of your body in any sleeping position and provide you with comfort and support.

The mattress topper by Linenspa is manufactured using plush memory foam infused with gel beads. These gel beads have the ability to regulate the temperature by capturing your body’s heat and then disperse it. Thus preventing the mattress from overheating.

Under this controlled temperature, dust mites are unable to survive; thus you remain safe from the spread of allergens. The memory foam of mattress topper provides you extra comfort and support and perfectly align your spine on the mattress.

If your mattress is old and drooping at some places, then placing a high-quality mattress topper on top of it can alleviate the pressure points on your back and keep your body comfortable and supported.

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7. Mattress Pad

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myPad by Sleep & Beyond is stuffed with washable wool and encased with natural cotton. These mattress pads are specifically designed and manufactured to provide complete protection from dust mites and other allergens and comfortable and cozy feel.

The breathable property of the wool dissipates temperature and keeps you cool. Plus, no matter how much you move in your sleep, these pads will remain in place. The luxury-quality mattress pads is produced without the use of any harmful chemicals.

In addition to providing protection from dust mites, bugs and allergens, the cotton-filled pad also provides breathability, comfort, and support to the body. With this mattress pad, you can enjoy comfortable sleep protected from allergens.

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8. Duvet Protector

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Allersoft duvet protector is lab-tested to ensure the finest quality. This duvet protector is constructed using hypoallergenic fabric, having a pore size of 3.44 micron thus blocking dust mites, bugs, microbes, and all other allergens.

In addition to being hypoallergenic, the fabric of this duvet protector is exceptionally comfortable, breathable, and soft. It is made with pure cotton and feels cool on the skin. This duvet protector comes with an auto-locking zipper that creates a complete bug-free zone.

For added safety, there is an additional fabric stitched right beneath the zipper to fully lock it from dust mites. With such an efficient impermeable barrier, you can enjoy comfortable sleep perfectly protected from all sorts of allergens.

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As a parent battling dust mites allergies suffered by my child, I’ve ensured that all of his beddings are changed to hypoallergenic ones. To an extent, hypoallergenic beddings helped in reducing dust mites allergies.

Replacing your beddings with hypoallergenic options means you’ll be cleaning the beddings less frequent. It is almost impossible for dust mites to grow deep in the hypoallergenic mattress, which is often a source of frustration when battling the microscopic creatures.

I hope you’ve found the perfect beddings to reduce dust mites’ growth in your home.