Best UV Vacuum Cleaners For Dust Mites 2020

Getting rid of dust mites in your home can be a frustrating affair. If you’ve exhausted all common options, you’ll want to consider using a UV vacuum cleaner. UV vacuum cleaners are specially built to counter the invisible pests in your home.

UV Vacuums For Dust Mites Compared

Product Image Price HEPA Filter Suction Power Weight Dust Cup Capacity
Housmile 810 Check Price Yes 10.5 kPa 5.45 lbs 200 ml
Dibea Check Price Yes 10 kPa 5.33 lbs 400 ml
ToastyHouse Check Price Yes 12 kPa 2.3 lbs 165 ml
Raycop Lite Check Price Yes 12 kPa 4 lbs 160 ml
ROLLIBOT BL618 Check Price Yes Not Stated 7.7 lbs 500 ml
Housmile 804 Check Price Yes 8.5 kPa 2.81 lb 160 ml

Obvious Signs That Dust Mites Are Infesting Your Home

You would have thought that you’re able to spot the millions of dust mites hiding in your home easily. But even in numbers, these microscopic pests remain hidden from your watchful eyes.

The giveaways that dust mites are growing rampantly in your home is when you start showing signs of allergy, or other family members do.

To be precise, it is the fecal pellets of dust mites that are triggering allergy symptoms in humans. Some people are extremely sensitive to the protein in the fecal pellets.

When inhaled, your body will display some of these reactions.

  • Itchy throat.
  • Teary eyes.
  • Skin rashes.
  • Coughing.
  • Nasal inflammation.

For children, dust mites allergy can lead to asthma if not treated. Also, people with existing asthma conditions need to be careful with the presence of dust mites in their homes.

Can You Remove Dust Mites From Home

When you’re suffering from dust mites allergy, you seek treatment from doctors. But such measures are temporary if nothing is done with the colonies of dust mites in your home.

Dust mites often gather at areas where you’ve spent most of your time. These microscopic creatures feed on dead skin cells and live in a humid environment.

Controlling the presence of dust mites in your home often involves disrupting the growth environment or killing them off with specific measures.

Some of these methods help to make your home unconducive for dust mites.

  • Ensuring good ventilation.
  • Washing bed linens regularly.
  • Vacuuming dust off carpets.
  • Uncluttering your home.
  • Using natural dust mites spray.

Beyond these conventional methods is using a UV vacuum cleaner. It is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner but one that is designed to terminate the life of dust mites and rid them from your home.

What Is A UV Vacuum Cleaner And How Does It Work

A UV vacuum cleaner operates similarly to a regular vacuum cleaner, except that it is equipped with an ultraviolet tube at the suction mouth. UV vacuum cleaners are usually designed to be handheld as it is meant to clean and remove dust mites and allergens from mattress, rugs, and carpets.

Besides the obvious UV tube, UV vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a HEPA filter and powerful suction. The HEPA filter functions to trap dust mites, dead or alive, within the vacuum cleaner. As dust mites often penetrate into the depth of mattress, a powerful suction helps to dislodge them from their hiding and into the vacuum.

Some UV vacuum cleaners are built with a vibrating motor. This vibrating motor is meant to shake up the surface that you’re cleaning so that dust mites and allergen are brought to the surface. It simplifies the cleaning process and increases the number of dust mites being sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Another element that helps UV vacuum to kill dust mites is the heat generated from the vacuum mechanism. Dust mites are killed when it is exposed to a temperature beyond 55 degrees Celcius. Some UV vacuum cleaners channel the hot air released to the surface that is being cleaned, making it more lethal in eliminating dust mites.

Can UV Really Kill Dust Mites?

UV or ultraviolet is a spectrum of light observed from natural sunlight. The UV spectrum covers a range of frequency and the UV-C, which is used in UV vacuum cleaners, has a wavelength of 253.7 nm. UV-C has a germicidal effect and is often used for disinfecting water from microorganisms.

Here’s the misconception. Dust mites do not perish when exposed to UV-C immediately. It takes continuous exposure before dust mites are killed from UV-C exposure. Also, the distance between the source of UV-C and the dust mites will affect the mortality rate of the dust mites.

A study conducted by the Insitute of Medical Research in Malaysia showed that UV-C exposure affects dust mites egg more than adult mites. The dust mites egg that is exposed to UV-C does not hatch and this suggests the effectiveness of UV-C in controlling dust mites growth.

Is UV-C Dangerous?

The common perception of UV is that it causes skin cancer. This is true when you’re exposed to UV-B, a type of ultraviolet ray on a different waveform. UV-C, which operates at 253.7 nm wavelength does not cause cancer or other permanent health damage.

Generally, UV-C doesn’t penetrate deep into our skin. The ray is blocked and absorbed by our dead skin cells. With that said, some people may experience temporary eye or skin irritation when exposed to UV-C.

How To Choose A UV Vacuum Cleaner

UV vacuum cleaners aren’t the most common cleaning tools. When choosing a UV vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to pay attention to these elements.

1. HEPA Filter

Regardless of whether the dust mites are killed by the UV or not, you wouldn’t want those allergen spreading into the air again. UV vacuum cleaners that are equipped with HEPA filter prevents that from happening.

2. Suction Power

If you intend to use the UV vacuum cleaner on a mattress, you’ll want to opt for one with high suction power. The suction force helps to displace dust mites that are hidden deep in the mattress to the surface where they are vulnerable to the heat and UV-C ray of the vacuum.

3. Handheld vs Robotic

While most UV vacuum cleaners are handheld, some are designed as a robot vacuum cleaner. If you’re cleaning beddings or upholstery, handheld UV vacuums are the better option. Robotic UV vacuums are ideal when you’re getting rid of dust mites on the floor.

4. Warranty

Manufacturer warranty is something you’ll want to pay attention to, irrespective of whether the brand has received rave reviews from other customers. Electronics may breakdown due to various factors and you’ll want to ensure that you’re covered by a warranty with a reasonable period.

5. UV Protection

While UV-C isn’t as damaging as UV-B, it’s wise to prevent from being exposed at close distant. Some UV vacuum cleaners are built with a safety feature that turns off the UV light automatically when the suction head is not placed on a surface.

Best UV Vacuum Cleaners For Dust Mites 2020

Based on the criteria mentioned above, I’ve shortlisted these UV vacuum cleaners that I believe are the best amongst competitors in dealing with dust mites.

1. Housmile Upgraded 810 UV Anti-dust Mites Vacuum Cleaner (Cordless)

Best UV Vacuum Cleaners For Dust Mites

The Housmile 810 UV Vacuum cleaner is equipped with all the features needed to remove dust mites from your home. It has an upgraded UV light tube that emits 20% more intense UV-C than its predecessor. The UV-C prevents dust mites egg from hatching and serves as a disinfectant to germs hiding in your home.

With incredible suction power and a rotating power brush, the Housmile UV vacuum vibrate and shakes the surface to dislodge dust mites from their hiding place. The incredible suction power ensures that these tiny creatures are instantly sucked into the vacuum.

Dust mites and other allergens will be safely trapped within the vacuum’s advanced HEPA filtration system. It is capable of blocking 99.98% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from escaping from the dust box. The Housmile 810 also features a double carbon filtration system which enhances its effectiveness in reducing pollutants.

The dust box has a capacity of 200 ml and housed within the compact built of the UV vacuum. For such a powerful handheld vacuum, it is considerably light, weighing at only 4.5 lbs. And with the vacuum running on a battery, you won’t be limited by a cable cord.

The UV vacuum is also built with an intelligent sensor that turns off the motor brush and UV light when it is lifted 4 inches above the surface. This feature prolongs the battery usage and also acts as a safety measure when you’re cleaning dust mites.


  • Powerful suction (10.5KPa )
  • High rotation frequency (6000cycle/min)
  • Advanced HEPA filtration.
  • Auto-sensor turning off UV-C and motor brush.
  • Cordless, battery-operated.
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2. Dibea UV Vacuum Cleaner For Bed

Best UV Vacuum Cleaners For Dust Mites

Sleeping with millions of dust mites isn’t exactly the most pleasant thing to do and the Dibea UV vacuum cleaner will put an end to that. At the heart of the Dibea UV vacuum is a 300W powerful motor that generates vibration of 33000 cycle/min. It’s enough to shake out dust mites and other allergens nesting in the depth of the bed.

The dust mites are then sterilized by the UV-C emitting from a 20 cm bulb, before being swept away by an array of 3 S-brushes and into the vacuum. The brush is designed in such a way that it is gentle on the fabric.

Dust mites, germs and other allergens that were sucked into the vacuum are safely kept within the unit by a 6-phase HEPA filtration system. The advanced filtering system ensures that 99.99% of 0.3-micron particles are trapped in the dust chamber.

The unit is connected to the nearest power outlet with a 14.7 feet cable cord. It gives you sufficient room to navigate as you clean dust mites off your bed. The vacuum also has a protective feature that automatically turns of the UV bulb when it’s lifted above 2 inches off any surface.


  • High frequency vibration up to 33,000 cycle/min.
  • 20 cm UV-C light tube.
  • 6 Stage Filtration System with HEPA.
  • 400 ml dust bin.
  • Patent grille preventing damage to bed sheets and fabrics.
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3. UV Vacuum Cleaner by ToastyHouse

Best UV Vacuum Cleaners For Dust Mites

A UV vacuum cleaner can be incredibly light and yet powerful.  This UV vacuum by ToastyHouse has proven to be so as it’s only 2.3 lbs in weight. You’ll have little difficulty in maneuvering the vacuum when cleaning your bed, carpets or rugs.

A 6 Watt UV light bulb is fitted at the suction opening to disinfect the surface and increase the mortality of the dust mites in your bed. Dust mites are also destroyed by hot air released from the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum boasts a powerful suction that generates a powerful inward force of 12 kPA. Dust mites that are removed from the surface are sucked into the bin. There’s no chance of dust mites escaping from the bin as it is secured by a double HEPA filtration screen.

Any fear of exposure to UV-C, regardless of whether it is harmless, is quelled by the UV-protection automation built into the vacuum. Lifting the vacuum cleaner at an angle exceeding 45 degrees or 8 inches from the surface will automatically shut off the UV bulb.

A 14.5 feet extension wire is included with the vacuum cleaner, along with a cleaning brush to aid you in getting rid of dust mites from the bed, carpet, upholstery, rugs or sofas.


  • 12 kPA suction power.
  • Advanced HEPA filtration.
  • UV Protection automation.
  • Leight-weight at 2.3 lbs
  • Pulsating pad to dislodge dust particles.
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4. Raycop Lite Anti Dust Mite UV Vacuum

Best UV Vacuum Cleaners For Dust Mites

The Raycop Lite UV vacuum will have no problems blasting germs away with its patented Rayclean UV technology. With an almost 100% success rate in killing E-Coli and Staphylococcus, this vacuum is a good bet to eliminate dust mites that are growing uncontrolled in your home.

Some dust mites are difficult to remove as they are hidden deeply in the bed. The RayClean UV vacuum is built with pulsating pads that vibrate at up to 5,000 times per minute. This is good enough to displace dust mites and other allergens from their hiding spots.

The suction mechanism is cleverly designed so that it doesn’t trap bed lines or fabrics while you’re cleaning your bed. Dust mites that are vacuumed are channeled to a dust canister. With a dual-stage HEPA filtration, the allergens are safely contained in the vacuum.

To kill dust mites effectively, you’ll want to move the UV vacuum cleaner slowly on the surface. It takes a certain amount of UV exposure to start getting rid of dust mites.


  • Patented Rayclean UV technology.
  • Pulsating pads of up to 5,000 times per minute.
  • Dual-filtration with HEPA filter.
  • Optimized suction keeps the fabric from being trapped.
  • Light and compact.
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5. ROLLIBOT BL618 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV Light

Best UV Vacuum Cleaners For Dust Mites

If you’re not in the mood to manually vacuum the entire living room, this Rollibot BL618 is an ideal UV vacuum cleaner for you. This robotic cleaner is equipped with a UV light and is dependable for cleaning the entire surface by its own.

You can use the Rollibot BL618 on hardwood, tile, linoleum, and short carpet. It is equipped with the dual rotating brush that removes and channel the dust into the vacuum inlet. The robot vacuum is also built with a microfiber cloth that acts as a mop in the cleaning process.

The Rollibot BL618 is equipped with a double filtration system that consists of a micro-filter and a HEPA filter. This ensures dust mites and other particles are safely trapped in its dust bin.

As a robotic vacuum cleaner, the Rollibot has no problem cleaning up to 1290 sq ft of area with a fully charged battery. It will automatically return to its charging station when the battery level drops to 10%. The smart charging mechanism ensures it is rapidly charged and prevent incidences of overcharging.


  • Dual-stage filtration with HEPA filter.
  • 80-100 minutes of operation.
  • Dual rotating brush and a microfiber cloth.
  • 5 wide-range cliff sensors for drop-prevention.
  • Automatic charging.
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6. Housmile 804 Anti Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

The Housmile 804 is another highly-rated UV vacuum cleaner that is equally effective in killing dust mites. Unlike the upgraded 810 models, the Housmile 804 is a corded handheld vacuum cleaner that houses a 253.7nm UV tube.

Dust mites are destroyed not only with the UV ray but also the heat emitted by the airflow that surpasses 55℃. Carcasses and fecal pellets of dust mites are stored safely in the HEPA-protected dust chamber in the vacuum.

The powerful vibrating mechanism easily drives dust mites hidden in the mattress to the surface. Coupled with a powerful suction force, the Housmile 804 easily removes any dust mites, dead or alive, from the mattress.

You’ll find the Housmile 804 considerably lightweight, as it is only 2.81 lb. The vacuum also helps curb air pollutants with the double activated carbon filtration system.

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Having a UV vacuum cleaner will help in reducing dust mites in your home, particularly the mattress. With that said, it is important that you make cleaning a weekly routine. Dust mites can’t be totally eliminated and regular effort is needed to keep dust mites growth at a minimum.

I hope this guide has been helpful in eliminating dust mites in your home.



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