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Dust mites are said to be present in most households and are notorious for causing allergies in some people. But the problem is, you can’t spot a dust mite with bare eyes, even if there are millions of them in your home.

When you developed coughing, sneezes, and red eyes over a few days, you may start suspecting that the tiny pests are the source of your problem. But, is there any type of dust mite test kit you can use to confirm their presence.

Using A Digital Microscope To Detect Dust Mites

If you happen to have a digital microscope, you can use it to check out if there are any dust mites in your home. To do that, you’ll need a digital microscope with at least 40x magnification. That will give you a good view of the microscopic pest that measures around 0.3 mm (0.01 inch).

You’ll need to collect samples of dust mites using a clear adhesive tape. Common areas where dust mites may grow in numbers are the mattress, carpets, rugs, or areas that are humid and dusty. Use the adhesive tape to collect the sample and put it under the microscope.

If there are dust mites in your home, you’ll be able to get a good view of the creature under the magnifying lens. Here’s how dust mites look like.

Commercial Dust Mite Test Kits

If you’re put off by the disgusting sights of dust mites, you can opt for some of the dust mite test kits available. There aren’t that many in the market but you can find a few of the test kits on Amazon.

Here are a few that could help you detect dust mites in your home.

1. Ventia Rapid Test For Dust Mite Allergen

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You’ll get to find out whether you have dust mites in your home in 10 minutes with Vential Rapid Test. The dust mite test kit uses test reagents developed by the University of Virginia to provide accurate results from the samples. The test kit includes a couple of test cassettes and a dust collecting tool.

2. MyAllergyDetective Allergy Test Kit

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MyAllergyDetective test kit allows you to detect dust mites and other allergens that are present in the air. This test kit consists of two air samplers that allow you to store the air content in its safely.

However, getting the results involved mailing to AIHA-accredited labs, which requires an additional testing fee.

3. Dust Mite Screening Kit by Allergen Test Kits

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This test kit also involves collecting samples and sending them for professional tests. The kit itself contains tools needed to collect samples from your home. It’s in the form of a sample device that’s fitted to the intake end of your vacuum cleaner.

The price of this test kit includes the professional lab test to determine the presence of dust mites in the samples. You’ll have a comprehensive lab report within 3-5 days indicating the number of dust mites in the sample.

Does Having A Dust Mite Test Kit Helps In Preventing Dust Mites Growth?

Here’s an interesting question. Will confirming the level of dust mites growth in your home encourage you in taking proactive steps in reducing dust mites? Do you need to know if you’re cohabiting with millions of tiny allergy-inducing creatures before you start taking house cleanliness seriously?

According to a study published in 2015, households that are provided with an in-home dust-mite test kit demonstrate a positive behavioral change in reducing dust mites. By knowing for sure of the allergens in their home, these families take proactive measures in controlling dust mites in their homes.

Do You Need A Dust Mite Test Kit?

Personally, I don’t find a need to invest in a tester to confirm the presence of dust mites in your home. If you display allergy symptoms, consult a doctor and verify if the culprit are dust mites. Dust mites are a common occurrence in many households around the world, so it wouldn’t be surprising if your house is infested with hundreds of thousands of them.

What’s more important is to seek treatment for the symptoms caused by dust mites allergens and take pro-active measures to keep your house free of dust mites. There are both active and passive ways to reduce dust mites in your home.

You can use natural dust mite sprays or diatomaceous earth to eliminate dust mites in carpets or beddings. Coupled with a steam cleaner or a HEPA vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to get rid of a large portion of the mites in your home.

It’s also important to ensure that your home is not conducive to dust mites’ growth. This means controlling the temperature, humidity, and ensuring dust does not gather in your home. Controlling dust mites growth is a continuous effort and you’ll need to do that as long as you’re allergic to the pests.

Final Thoughts

Dust mite test kits aren’t essential in controlling dust mites in your home or alleviating symptoms of allergy. It’s fine to have it if you insist on knowing for certainty. Otherwise, I’ll suggest focusing on products that are effective in getting rid of dust mites.