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Chances are, you came across Breathe Green Mite Fighter’s site when you’re searching for products to repel dust mites. So was I. It seems that the product has been rather popular lately and I’ve been digging into more details about it.

If you have major issues with dust mites, you’ll be excited that every product that claims to repel or eliminate the nasty pests. In this review, you’ll get to know what Breathe Green Mite Fighter is made of, is it effective, safe and worth every single dollar?

What Is Breathe Green Mite Fighter

Now, little is known about the company behind Breathe Green Mite Fighter. The product was not sold on Amazon, despite a search that will return a similar product (more on this later). Apparently, you could only buy Breathe Green Mite fighter from its e-commerce site.

Breathe Green Mite FIghter is advertised as a non-toxic and fast-acting solution for dust mites. It is claimed to kill dust mites that are infesting various parts of your home. The product is available in sachets, where you could place on the carpets, upholsteries, rugs, and other areas that are infested with dust mites.

Within 72 hours, you’ll find that your allergy symptoms have subsided. The sachets will last as long as 60 days before they need to be replaced.

What Is Breathe Green Mite Fighter Made Of?

I’ve always had a spot for natural dust mites killing solutions and Breathe Green Mite Fighter is made of a combination of herbs and extracts that are naturally safe. To be precise, the ingredients that are used are as follow:

  • citronella oil
  • lemon eucalyptus essence
  • mixed herbal extracts

It was also stressed that Breathe Green Mite Fighter contains no harmful chemicals. Well, that’s good news for a start. Anything that’s laden with chemicals is potentially harmful to humans when used to kill dust mites.

The blend of herbs is packed in polyester-woven sachets. This prevents moisture from building up and compromise the mite-killing properties. A single pack of Breathe Green Mite Fighter has two sachets in it.

Each of the sachets will last for 60 days. After this, you’ll need to replace them with new ones to ensure that dust mites do not return to haunt your well-being.

Is Breathe Green Mite Fighter Effective In Killing Dust Mites?

Dust mites could cause havoc to our health and they are invisible to the eye. Despite the challenges in detecting dust mites, they are quite fragile in nature. Dust mites only thrive in an environment with a narrow range of humidity and temperature.

These pests are also easily killed by various elements, such as heat, UV, and essential oils. The Breathe Green Mite Fighter uses citronella oil, lemon, eucalyptus, and undisclosed ‘herbal extracts’.

While it’s hard to determine the potency of the ‘secret ingredients’, there are published studies for the other natural extracts.

A study that was conducted in 1993 has shown that citronella oil is as effective as 0.5% benzyl benzoate in killing dust mites. Benzyl benzoate is commonly used as an insect repellent in commercial products.

Eucalyptus oils are commonly used in aromatherapy. However, the eucalyptus is also known to be a potent compound in killing dust mites. The University of Sydney, Australia has found that adding eucalyptus oil helps to kill up to 99% of dust mites when washing carpets.

Lemon oil has been billed as an effective remedy for rhinitis. At the same time, its properties are also known to be helpful in killing dust mites. The combination of these essences is bound to have a positive effect on dust mites reduction.

The manufacturer of Breathe Green Mite Fighter makes a bold claim that individuals will feel relief from dust mites allergy symptoms within 72 hours. There is no data that could be based on to verify this claim.

Where Should You Place The Sachets For Best Effects?

As the sachets are made of pure herbal extract and essential oils, you can place it around in any areas that are favorite haunts of dust mites. Usually, you’ll want to start with your mattress, as there could be millions of dust mites hiding within.

The next part that you’ll want to place the sachets is the carpet. If your home is carpeted, you’re creating a natural habitat for dust mites. Carpet is a perfect trap for dead skin cells, which dust mites are happily feeding on. Placing the sachet at the corner of the carpet should start eliminating the pests.

You may also want to use the sachets on upholsteries and furniture, particularly if they are gathering dust. The presence of dust is always a giveaway of dust mites, as it means the skin flakes have accumulated to fuel their growth.

Although it’s claimed that Breathe Green Mite Fighter is highly effective, I’ll suggest that you take it with a pinch of salt. As far as dust mites killing is concerned, natural remedy is less lethal than chemical solutions.

A sachet may work fine for a pillow or mattress, but if you’re hoping to kill dust mites over a large area, you may need a couple or more.

Fake Or Imitation Breathe Green Mite Fighter On Amazon?

Note that it’s GreenBreathe instead of Breathe Green

I’ve mentioned that Breathe Green Mite Figher is only available on its website. This means you won’t be able to get it on local stores or online retailers. A search on Amazon returns an almost similar product with the same name.

However, a closer glance at the product picture shows a different brand name. Instead of BreatheGreen, it was printed as GreenBreathe. The review was also discouraging, which gives away an attempt to piggyback on the popularity of the original brand.

Avoid ending up with fake products because you can’t be sure that they are absolutely safe.

How Much Does Breathe Green Mite Fighter Cost

Breathe Green Mite Fighter has a rather unique pricing strategy. When you shop for the anti dust mites sachets, you’ll be greeted with 4 options as follow.

  • Buy 5 pairs + Get 5 pairs FREE for $99.95 ( With Free Shipping)

  • Buy 3 pairs + Get 2 pairs FREE for $59.95 ( $6.99 Shipping Fee)

  • Buy 2 pairs + Get 1 pair FREE for $39.95 ( $6.99 Shipping Fee)

  • Buy 8 pairs + Get 12 pairs FREE for $159.95 ( With Free Shipping)

Payments are made through Paypal or credit card and you’re backed by a 60 Day guarantee policy of full refund.

It has listed its return address as follows:

Breathe Green Returns2345 Vauxhall RdUnion,NJ 07083

The business also has responsive customer support which returns my email in less than 24 hours.

Pros and Cons Of Breathe Green Mite Fighter

Truth to be told, there aren’t that many natural dust mites busting products around. It was the first time to encounter herbal sachets designed to counter these pests. Obviously, there are more pros and cons in trying out Breathe Green Mite Fighter.


  • A natural approach to kill dust mites using essential oils and herbal extracts. It’s not harmful to humans and the earth.
  • Scientifically proven to be effective in eliminating dust mites. Studies have shown that the known ingredients used are potent in killing dust mites.
  • Responsive customer service, a hotline, and a hassle-free buying process. Plus, it gets delivered to your home.
  • Polyester-woven sachets to prevent moisture absorption. This ensures the mites-killing properties last for up to 60 days, which is remarkable for natural remedies.


  • You can’t buy it on Amazon. (It’s a different thing that’s being sold there)Little is known about the company behind the product (except that it’s also selling charcoal purifying bags on another site)
  • Little is known than the company.
  • The reviews can’t be verified.
  • Quite expensive when compared to other natural solutions.

Verdict – Should You Buy This Natural Dust Mites Busting Product?

Perhaps you should if dust mites have been causing endless sneezing and nasal blockages. I’ve tried various options when my son was at his worst when dealing with dust mites allergies. I’ve spent thousands of dollars just to get him better.

As far as I’m concerned, Breathe Green Mite Fighter is a decent product, but it’s quite expensive unless you’re getting 10 sachets. You’ll be better off with other natural options such as essential oils or dust mite spray.