Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers 2020

Not all dust masks are created equal as some are ineffective for preventing microparticles from affecting allergies sufferers.  Getting the best functional dust masks matters if you’re highly sensitive to allergens.

Keeping your home or workplace safe from the allergens is quite easy with hi-tech air purifiers and HEPA vacuum cleaners. However, if you are suffering from allergies like asthma, doing simple physical activities including home chores or professional tasks can have a tremendously terrible effect on your health and daily routine.

Fortunately, your exposure to the deleterious allergens can be significantly reduced with dust masks. Dust masks act as a shield against particulate allergens, gaseous vapors, and bad odors. Let’s find out more about the specificities and benefits of dust masks for allergies sufferers.

What Are Dust Masks?

An excellently designed dust mask is like a shield for sensitive people against the harms of microscopic airborne allergens. As the name indicates, the basic function of a dust mask is to safeguard the wearer from inhaling dust, cement, dander, and smoke; however, high-quality dust masks offer protection against those allergens as well which are invisible to the naked eye.

Premium quality dust masks are specifically constructed to restrict the entry of dust and allergens including mold spores, house dust mites, pet dander, grass clippings, ashes, flour, iron ore, and all other non-oil based particles.

How Dust Masks Keep Allergens Away?

If you are wondering whether the dusk masks can protect you from allergens or not; then it’s time to find out how a dust mask works!

A dust mask is basically an “air-purifying tool” as it filters the air from the surrounding and guards you against inhaling harmful particles and allergens. To perform this function, tightly woven material and specific filters are used. Not all the dust masks are equipped with the same type of filters. Rather there is a range of filters available that differ on the basis of their filtration capacity.

These filters prevent the passage of as low as 0.3 micron-sized particles and this range includes almost all the airborne allergens, dust particles, microbes, and mold spores.

Moreover, some filters also have the capacity to capture gases thus keeping you safe from smoke, exhaust, chemical odor and other harsh fragrances that are notorious for triggering severe allergic reactions.

Types Of Filters Used For Allergies Dust Masks

The type of filter used in the dust mask is one of the most important factors that determine the mask’s efficiency of allergen filtration. The filtration capacity of the filter determines the type of allergens it will restrict. Mainly, the dust masks are used to filter two types of pollutants, particulate and gas vapors.

The dust masks are most commonly used for particle filtration and their efficiency is measured on the basis of their NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) ratings. In this, the masks are categorized into three groups, N, R, and P.

  • If the mask is not resistant to oil-based particles then it is marked in “N”.
  • If the mask is somewhat resistant to the oil-based particles then it is marked in “R”.
  • And if the mask is completely oil proof then it is marked in the “P” category.

This categorization is essentially important for industrial workers who inhale oil-based chemicals and products.

According to NIOSH ratings, there are nine types of disposable masks:

  • N-95, N-99, and N-100;
  • R-95, R-99, and R-100;
  • P-95, P-99, and P-100

Dust masks that restrict at least 95% of the particles in the environment filled with most penetrating (0.03 micron and greater sized particles) airborne particles are labeled “95”. Similarly, masks that have filter can filter 99% and 99.7% of the airborne particles are given “99” and “100” ratings.

For occupational usage, using NIOSH approved is a must to remain safe. NIOSH employs high standards through strict tests to test the filtration effectiveness of the masks. You should choose the masks depending upon the allergens and pollutants around your workplace. For example, if you deal with chemicals, paints, and other similar stuff than you should wear R rated respirators to remain completely safe from inhaling harmful substances.

Generally, the dust masks or respirators which are NIOSH approved as N-95 work efficiently well against the microbes/ infectious agents including virus, mold spores, bacteria, and dust mites; and other airborne particles such as dust, dander, pollen, smoke, flour, iron ore, grass clippings, cement, etc.

Moreover, if you are concerned about restricting the inhalation of gas vapors, then you should choose gas masks with activated carbon/ charcoal filters. Activated charcoal or carbon filters are often used along with N-95 grade filters, thus enhancing the overall filtration efficiency of the allergy masks.

The activated carbon filters adsorb gas vapors including wildfire smoke, tobacco smoke, perfumes, fragrances, adhesives, paints, chemical cleaners, exhaust, and similar solvents.

Allergy masks that contain both N-95 rated filters and activated carbon filters provide protection from both particles, and gas vapors.

Disposable vs. Non-Disposable Dust Masks

On the basis of the number of times you can use the dust masks, they are divided into disposable and non-disposable categories.

Disposable masks are designed and manufactured to be used only a couple of times and after that these should be thrown away. These masks do not need high maintenance and care as you’ll dispose them off after a while. Disposable masks are manufactured in a free size that fits all. The filters used in these masks can only function efficiently for a couple of times, depending upon the number of pollutants around you and your respiration rate. Plus, disposable masks are very economical as compared to non-disposable or semi-disposable masks.

On the other hand, the non-disposable or semi-disposable masks are somewhat expensive, because they are made using premium quality filters, material and have a sturdy structure.

The semi-disposable masks have a longer life span compared to disposable masks, but shorter than non-disposable ones, and they cannot be washed.

Non-disposable masks have replaceable filters and the body of the masks is manufactured with sturdier and durable material.  These masks usually have a longer life span. Moreover, you can easily wash the non-disposable masks.

When should You Wear Allergies Face Masks? 

People who suffer from allergies often ask about the right time to wear a mask as it helps them narrow down the chances of being in contact with the allergens. The right time of wearing the allergies face mask depends upon your physical activities, type of allergens you are sensitive from, and the intensity of your sensitivity.

Most commonly, people are allergic to dust, microbes, ashes, and smoke. And the intensity of allergy varies from season to season in most cases. Someone who is suffering from moderate to severe allergic reactions will find it beneficial to wear a face mask when going outside or riding a bike/ motorcycle.

Wearing a dust mask at home, particularly when you’re cleaning or working DIY projects, also helps in reducing allergy symptoms.

Allergies sufferers who work in construction, woodworking, painting, lawn mowing, or similar professions where they always surrounded by allergens, are strictly recommended to put on a high-quality mask all the time.

Even if you’re not suffering from allergies, you’ll find wearing a dust mask in outdoor helpful as it will keep you safe from pollutants.

How To Wear Dust Masks Properly?

Wearing the dust mask properly is really important to get complete security from the allergens. For this, reading the instructions on the back of the packaging can be really helpful. The manufacturers have mentioned the storage place and procedure along with details of putting on and off the mask on the label. Else, you can follow the following instruction to wear the mask properly,

  • Open the perfectly sealed box, and extract the face mask with properly sanitized hands.
  • If you have a face mask with ear loops then hold the ear loops, stretch them and tug each around the ears.
  • Depending on the manufacturing material, the face mask fits perfectly on your nose and around the mouth. Otherwise, mold it with your hands at the bridge of the nose and tight it up with straps, and cover your mouth by pulling the lower portion downwards.

If you have a disposable dust mask then you should only use it once and then throw it away.

When you are engaged in strenuous physical activity and with that, your respiration rate is mounting, then it is highly advisable to remove the mask and replace it with another one. Because with an enhanced breathing rate, the inside of the mask will become moist and you may experience inconvenience and discomfort.

How to Choose the Right Dust Masks for Allergies?

By now, you must have understood the significance of dust masks, especially for allergy sufferers. Next, let’s find out what features premium quality and a highly beneficial dust mask should have!

Types of Pollutants You Need Protection From

To get your hands on the right dust mask that perfectly fulfills your requirements, it is important to gather information about the type of pollutants present in your surroundings, and the dust mask must possess specific filters that are able to filter these pollutants and allergens.

With this information in hand, you will be able to spot the dust mask that can restrict the entrance of dust and airborne pollutants.

Type of Filters Used in the Dust Mask

Once you have determined what sort of pollutants you need protection from, you will know what type of filter should be in an accurately suitable allergy mask for you.

Basically, there are two major categories of allergens or pollutants, particulate and gaseous vapors. Allergy masks are most commonly used for particle filtration and for that it is highly advisable to look for the NIOSH ratings.

Dust mask with N95 NIOSH rating is highly recommended as it has the ability to shun particles of as low as 0.3-micron which means that you will be safe from most of the microbes, pollen, dander, mold spores, and other allergens.

And if you are after gaseous vapors then masks containing filters of activated carbon or charcoal will do the job well.

Number of Hours You’ll be Keeping the Mask On

The selection of the right dust mask also depends on the number of hours you need to put on the mask. If you need to wear it for a longer period of time then it is extremely necessary that the dust mask is comfortable. For this, look for a dust mask that is made with soft material and the construction, design, and structure of the mask favors smooth breathability without fogging.

Just be sure that the mask seals perfectly without being uncomfortable or tight; else you won’t be able to put it on for long.

Size of the Dust Mask

Some brands make free sized dust masks while others offer them in various shapes and sizes. Most of the people prefer adjustable masks as it gives them the liberty to adjust the straps and fit as per their comfort.

But some prefer one perfect size that doesn’t need any adjustments. You can find both types of masks, just make sure that the masks perform their primary function of filtration perfectly and also feel comfortable.

How Durable are the Allergies Masks?

How long an allergy mask lasts or for how long one should use it are two of the most commonly asked question regarding allergy masks. The durability of the allergy mask depends upon a few factors:

  • the environment or setting where you are using it,
  • types of work you are doing while wearing it,
  • quality of the filters,
  • frequency and duration in a day you wore the mask,
  • respiration rate (the type of physical activity you are engaged in),
  • the way you are storing the mask.

These are the basic factors that affect the longevity of the mask. The environmental factors, storage, and the duration of wearing the masks are variable factors as all they differ from person to person. However, you can check the type of filters used in the mask (replaceable, semi-disposable, and disposable) beforehand.

If the mask has replaceable filters or semi-disposable filters than it can last for 50 to 60 hours usage. On the other hand, if you are using a disposable mask than the life span will be way shorter than 50 hours. Overall, environmental factors play the most important role in defining the longevity of the allergy masks.

Top Brands in the Market for Allergy Masks

To get maximum protection allergens without compromising on comfort and easy breathability; it is extremely necessary to shop allergy masks from renowned top brands in the market

These brands ensure premium quality, excellent product, and great customer services. Plus, you will get the complete guidelines regarding the right way of wearing the masks, its storage, and its filtration capability.

Some of the top brands for allergy masks that offer high-quality products include, LotFfancy, ANALAN, VOKPROOF, BASE CAMP, Amston Tool Company, and Murybao.

To make this super easy for you, there is a whole list of top 10 brands of allergy masks available in the market right now; along with their pros and cons. These brands offer a high-quality product

Where To Buy Face Masks for Dust Allergies?

Today, finding premium quality face masks is not that difficult as there are plenty of prominent brands out there that are renowned for high-quality, versatility, and services. If you prefer online shopping on going out and roaming around from store to store than Amazon can be the best place to shop from.

You’ll find all the leading brands along with detailed information about the product. Also, it helps to decide on the best mask when you have reviews to check on.

Best Dust Masks For Allergies 2020

There are numerous premium quality options of face masks available in the market that gives you the utmost protection from the allergens. However, choosing one from that many brands can be confusing, as well.

Here, I have handpicked ten great brands to choose from along with their detailed features, pros, and cons. This will make your shopping experience less complicated, and you’d be able to find the right dust mask against allergens.

1. Base Camp Dust Breathin Mask  N99 Extra Carbon Filter

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

Starting the list is one of the finest brands for dust masks available in the market, Base Camp Dust Mask. The dust mask efficiently combines comfort with protection against allergens. The best thing about this mask is that it can filter about 100% allergens, plus it provides very low resistance to breathing due to the presence of mesh.

The primary function of an allergy dust mask is to filter all allergens, including dust, smoke, pollen, chemicals, exhaust, particles, dirt, and other airborne pollutants, and this mask is pretty good at it. With the presence of active carbon filters, this mask can prevent the entry of 99% of particulate as tiny as 0.1 microns.

It is an excellent choice to wear during woodworking, mowing, painting, and while doing other household projects. Moreover, it imitates high altitude and low oxygen conditions that improve your lung capacity; and this makes it a perfect option to wear during cycling, hiking, running, and doing other strenuous physical activities.

With such efficient filtration, many people got worried about the breathability. Well, no worries about that, as it is designed proficiently to ensure smooth and enhanced breathing without posing any resistance. The presence of two valves for exhalation provides maximum ventilation and reduces moisture and heat build-up inside.


  • Provides best respiratory protection
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Easy to wear on and off
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap on ears and nose clip offers a custom fit and prevent from slipping
  • Perfectly suitable for people suffering from pollen, chemicals, dust, smoke, or any other allergies


  • Some find the ear loops of the dust masks shorter, making it difficult to adjust.
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2. 3M 8511 Respirator (N95)

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

Are you looking for an exceptionally efficient mask that has the ability to filter almost all airborne pollutants while providing smooth breathability during long work hours? If yes, then the 8511 respirator by 3M safety is the best option for you to try on.

This mask is from the Pro Series by 3M Safety. 8511 respirator is specifically designed for the professionals who had to work amidst dust, cement, wood, paint, fiberglass, dust and other such tiny particles for long hours. 8511 is equipped with Cool Flow Wave which functions to reduce the uprise of heat, and moisture through heavy breathing and help to enhance your comfort during work.

This mask is NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) N95 approved, which means that it has 95% filtration capacity against aerosols and non-oil based particles in the air.

The design and material of the mask are exceedingly comfortable and easy to wear for long periods. It feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin. Stretchable material and adjustable nose clip provide a perfect seal against allergens without being uncomfortable.


  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Adjustable nose clip offers a secure seal
  • NIOSH approved N95 filtration efficiency against aerosols and non-oil based particles
  • Offers easy and smooth breathability


  • Slightly uncomfortable at first use
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3. Muryobao Anti Pollution Mask, N99

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

For everyone who is looking for a versatile mask that is comfortable to wear, the anti-pollution mask by Muryobao is one such excellent product. This mask is exceptionally comfortable to wear and is lab tested to provide protection against 99% of allergens.

This mask is designed and manufactured to provide maximum safety from allergens, and for that, military-grade filtration technology is used. Lab tests have shown that it provides more than 99% filtration of salt medium and more than 95% filtration of the oily medium on an average. And these results are pretty awesome to gain protection against airborne allergens.

You can easily hand wash this mask with soap and water, without worrying about change in its efficiency. The filters of the mask are also replaceable but can be easily used for about 48- 72 hours depending upon the pollution level. If you keep on changing the filters after using this long (48- 72 hours), then it’ll work like brand new.

The company calls this mask, British Pollution Solution because of its exceedingly efficient filtration capacity and availability of fashion friendly designs that attract all family members equally.


  • Comfortable and soft cotton material
  • The intricate design having 5 layers of filters
  • Military-grade filtration ensures almost 100% prevention from allergens
  • Washable and reusable
  • Premium quality and very economical pricing


  • May experience an annoying smell of chemicals in the start
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4. ANALAN Mouth Mask, N95

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

The anti-pollution dust mask by ANALAN is an incredible option to protect yourself from allergens. It feels comfortable, stays perfectly on the face, and filters more than 99% allergens.

With the insertion of seven layers of N99 activated carbon filters, this mask guards you against hydrocarbon gases and chemical smell. And with the provision of electrostatic microfibers, you will remain protected from all microscopic particles in the air. Both types of filters enhance smooth breathability while doing their primary function of protection.

You can wash the mask as well, and the filters can also be replaced. However, there is no need to replace the filters before using them for 220 hours, at least.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to wear plain and simple dust masks and finding it hard to get your hands on high-quality masks that also look really pretty, then you’ll love this mask. This mouth mask is available in some really cool, and vibrantly colored choices such as rose-red color with leopard print, Christmas pink with tiny triangles, colorful flowers, and more.


  • Made with 100% cotton that feels soft and smooth on the skin
  • Availability of adjustable elastic earloops ensure perfect fitting
  • Perfectly suitable for sensitive skin
  • Smooth and easy breathability with two exhalation valves
  • 5 layers of activated carbon filters provide proficient filtration


  • The strong smell of chemical at first may annoy people with chemical sensitivity
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5. HIYUTOY Anti Pollution Disposable Mask, N95

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

Here comes the highly recommended and one of the most favored antipollution dust mask for the allergy sufferers. The disposable dust mask by HIYUTOY is widely used for being an extremely versatile and multipurpose mask.

This mask ensures you of more than 95% safety from all types of allergens while being non-irritating and soft on the skin. The fabric, straps adjustability, shape, and fit of this mask are phenomenal.

You can wear this mask while doing home chores like lawn mowing, woodworking, house cleaning, or others. Plus, it is great for carpenters, painters, sanitation workers, etc.

In general, people who are sensitive to pollen, smoke, animal dander, dust mites, and other very common airborne allergens should keep this mask on all the time they are outside. As slight interaction with any of these allergens can cause harm.

With the insertion of 5 layers of filters, all the microbes and dust particles of 0.3- 0.5-micron size will remain out, and you’ll inhale clean air.

Non-woven, mesh fabric enhances breathability and decreases air resistance. The design of this disposable mask with an M-shaped nose clip ensures complete cover against dust and other allergens, plus provide excellent fit according to the face shape and size.


  • Smooth breathability and reduced moisture, heat, and fogging build-up with exhalation valve
  • Elastic ear strap offers maximum seal without being tight
  • KN95 anti-pollution mask offer protection from 95% allergens
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made with non-irritating, premium quality cotton


  • The elastic strap may not be tight enough for some users.
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6. LotFancy Particulate Respiratory Mask, N95

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

Disposable air filter mask by LotFancy is an excellent choice for people looking for premium quality at economical pricing. These masks are NIOSH approved for fulfilling N95 filtration efficiency, and with 4 layers of filters, you will inhale highly purified air, free from airborne allergens. In a single packaging, you will get 10 masks, which is an amazing deal.

With the assurance of reliable protection against airborne allergens including pollen, dust particles, grass clippings, pet dander, ashes, flour, mold spores, house dust mites, iron ore, and other non-oil based particulates, this mask can be used both within the house and at work. For example, this mask will filter the dusty air during construction activities, mowing, dusting, drilling, grinding, painting, sweeping, cleaning, and other similar chores.

Now coming to its design, construction, and material, this mask thoughtfully designed to enhance easy breathing and speaking without compromising air filtration. Moreover, its contour-fit design, soft cushion for the bridge of the nose, and adjustable straps keep it at the perfect place on the face. And it will adjust itself like a glove on any face.

Additionally, depending on the type of your work, you can easily put on other safety equipment such as safety helmets, goggles, earmuffs, and hard hats on top of this mask easily. All in all, this mask is a great pick for everyone.


  • Ensures easy breathability and smooth speaking
  • One size fits for all, thanks to the mask’s custom fit design
  • Soft nose clip feels as a cushion and ear straps provide an excellent seal
  • 4 protective layers efficiently filter more than 95% airborne pollutants
  • Foldable structure and material make it easy to store


  • The unpleasant smell of the mask’s material will take a few days to go.
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7. Amston Tool Company Disposable & Foldable Dust Masks, N95

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

Disposable dust masks by Amston are highly recommended for offices, construction companies, workshops, and emergency kits. These foldable dust masks possess all the much-needed characteristics such as these are easy to breathe from, lightweight, simple to store, maintenance-free for professional or household use, and above all, excellently filter 95% of the non-oil based airborne toxic particles.

The filtration efficiency of these masks is tested by NIOSH and is certified to provide protection from most of the allergens including house dust mites, pollen, smoke, spores, and dander.

This mask will keep you guarded during all sorts of construction works such as cutting, sanding, insulation, and woodworking. Because of the versatile nature of this mask, you can also put it on during house cleaning or DIY projects, including mowing, dusting, cleaning, gardening, mold removal, landscaping, and others.

One of the most important characteristics of a dust mask is its comfortable design. With this mask, you will get superbly soft support on your nose, perfect fit with latex-free elastic straps, and ease of adjustability.

There are 20 respirator dust masks available in a single box, which is a great deal for any construction company to purchase for its employees.


  • NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) tested to provide 95% protection from allergens.
  • 20 face masks in a single box
  • Flexible nose clip offers excellent fit and protection
  • Smart design with two elastic, latex-free straps that ensure perfect seal without feeling tough
  • An excellent option to wear at work and home for maximum shield from pollutants and airborne allergens


  • May clogs with breathing moisture
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8. B Bielcor Filtration N95 Face Masks

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

The dust mask respirator by B Bielcor is a premium quality product, specifically designed to guard you against inhaling as small as 0.3 microns harmful particles from the air. The design, quality, and filtration capacity of these masks are approved by NIOSH, ensuring reliable protection.

With this mask on, you will remain guarded against metal shavings, pollen, dust mites, sawdust, wood shavings and all sorts of harmful non-oil based particulates around you.

This disposable mask is the single best option to ensure protection during all sorts of activities in which there are pretty strong chances of inhaling harmful particles. These activities include construction, maintenance, demolition, pollution, disasters, allergens, landscaping, cleaning, dusting, gardening, woodworking, painting, DIY projects, drilling, rasping, sawing, and other similar works. Generally, this mask is a perfect choice for contractors, carpenters, lawnmowers, and other such professionals.

The material of this mask is really flexible, easy to wear, and contoured. There is a metal nose piece that itself can be bent according to the shape of your nose, giving you optimal comfort, seal, and fit.

With such a portable design and flexible fit, it is easy to put on other safety equipment, including goggles, helmet, hat, and earmuffs, with this mask on.


  • Excellent and comfortable fitting
  • Contoured, soft and flexible nose clip
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • N95 precision filtration against non-oil based particles
  • Offers smooth and comfy breathing


  • Size may not be appropriate for some women
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9. VOKPROOF Respirator Cotton Mask, N95

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

Respirator cotton mask is specifically constructed and designed to keep you safe from ever-increasing air pollution. The availability of this mask in an amazing range of prints and colors makes it particularly famous among women. The stunning variety of prints and colors is an extended feature of these masks apart from excellent filtration efficiency.

All thanks to exceptionally efficient 5 layers of activated carbon filters and high-efficiency filter cloth, harmful particles as small as 1.0 micron will remain restricted in the filters. Thus giving you utmost safety from mold spores, pollen, pet dander, flu germs, bacterial allergens, and other harmful airborne particles.

Adjustable M shaped nose clip and elastic ear bands help the wearer to closely fit the mask on the face. The material used in construction is very soft and comfortable. Plus, this mask permits easy and effortless breathing.

As said earlier, the stylish and colorful prints make these mask more attractive, and an excellent choice to keep during traveling, hiking, going out at public places and parks. Wearing this mask will not only keep you safe from the allergens, but you will also look trendy, modish, and classy.


  • Manufactured using premium quality cotton fabric that feels soft and smooth on the skin
  • Ergonomic cutting for the bridge of the nose keep nose comfortable
  • Adjustable and elastic ear strap ensures perfect covering of the face
  • Efficiently filter 1.0 micron-sized particles through 5 layers of activated carbon filters
  • Available in a wide range of color and prints options


  • May pose difficulty in fitting perfectly to some people
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10. Moldex Disposable Particulate Respirator, N95

Best Dust Masks for Allergies Sufferers

This disposable particulate respirator brings out the real professional work within you. Sturdy design, comfortable fit, and excellent filtration are some of its most incredible qualities.

For extra comfort, this dust mask has a soft cushion made of foam on the nose. This cushion gives a smooth and comfortable fit to the wearer, plus it makes it easy to wear this mask for long hours of work.

The inner lining of the mask features Softspun that provides comfort, durability, and premium quality as per the ANSI / ISEA 110-2003 Section 7. 11. 1. The presence of the exhaling valve reduces the build-up of fogging, air pressure, and moisture inside; and also ensures hassle-free and smooth breathing.

The construction material holds the filtration layers at the place and protects them from collapsing, thus keeping the shape of the mask perfect.

You can wear it in the hot and humid environment of the workplace during welding, brazing, grinding, woodworking, sanding, soldering, sweeping, stone quarrying, underground mining, cement, metal machining, textiles, poultry, and polishing.


  • Efficiently applicable within hot and dusty work environments
  • Convenient and comfortable to wear
  • Thoughtfully designed nose bridge provides soft cushion made of foam
  • The inner lining of this mask offers flame and heat resistance
  • Constructed using high-quality material


  • Elastic ear loops are not strong enough
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I know how frustrating it is when you’re sneezing endlessly due to the microparticles of allergen in the air. As the air quality surrounding my home is anything but ideal, I ensure that I always have a few dust masks stocked.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in choosing the right dust mask to minimize your suffering.



I'm a writer, online business owner and a single dad blessed with an energetic son. I've been in a constant battle with dust mites since my son first displayed the symptoms when he was 5.

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